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Oak Ridge Reservation: Community Resources
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Welcome to the Community Resources section. These are some handpicked resources that we think you would find very informational, starting with the best presentations to the Oak Ridge Reservation Health Effects Subcommittee (ORRHES) and including useful links to specific areas on Web sites that are relevant to the public health activities here at Oak Ridge.


Thyroid Cancer Presentation*
Minutes of the presentation by Dr. Jerome Hershman, M.D., M.S., Associate Chief, Endocrinology and Diabetes, West Los Angeles Veterans Administration Medical Center. (HTML) (12/02)

Peer Review of "Mangano's Cancer" Paper*
Dr. Lucy Peipins from ATSDR guided the Public Health Assessment Work Group and community members through a systematic scientific approach as they critiqued a report by J. Mangano, "Cancer Mortality Near Oak Ridge, Tennessee." (08/01)

Epidemiology Workshop
Ms. Sherri Berger and Dr. Lucy Peipins of ATSDR's Division of Health Studies provided an overview of the science of epidemiology. Information from the presentation is available in the June 2001 Minutes and Handout (PPT) links. (6/01)

Epidemiology Workshop II
Dr. Lucy Peipins of ATSDR's Division of Health Studies presented this workshop to help ORRHES members develop the skills needed to review and evaluate scientific reports. Information on the presentations is in the December 2001 Minutes and Handout (PPT) links. (12/01).

Public Health Assessment
Overview of the ATSDR public health assessment process. ATSDR, 2001.

* Handouts available in the Oak Ridge Field Office, phone (865-220-0295).

 Hazardous Substances in the Environment

Frequently Asked Questions about contaminants found at hazardous waste sites.

Toxicological Profiles
Information about substances for which ATSDR has collected toxicological information into a single document, available in hard-copy or on CD-ROM

Public Health Statements
The Public Health Statements (PHSs) are a series of summaries about hazardous substances developed by ATSDR. The information in these PHSs has been taken from Chapter One of their respective ATSDR Toxicological Profiles. Each Public Health Statement serves as a summary for that complete Toxicological Profile.

Interaction Profiles for Toxic Substances
The purpose of the Interaction Profile is to evaluate data on the toxicology of the 'whole' priority mixture (if available) and on the joint toxic action of the chemicals in the mixture in order to recommend approaches for the exposure-based assessment of the potential hazard to public health.

 Useful Links

Information to help you understand about "Exposure," "Public Health Advisories," "Public Health Assessment" and many others.

ATSDR Public Health Assessment Guidance Manual
Provides guidance to new and experienced health assessors when performing the variety of tasks associated with the public health assessment process. Presents specific approaches, methods, and resources.

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation
TDEC's responsibility is to ensure that Tennessee has the cleanest and safest environment, the greatest recreation opportunities, and the most valued natural and cultural resources of any state.Exiting ATSDR Website*

The Tennessee Department of Health, Oak Ridge Health Studies
The Oak Ridge Health Agreement Studies were a nine-year effort to evaluate historical contaminant releases from the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge Reservation and the health problems these releases may have created among nearby residents.Exiting ATSDR Website

Overall Timeline of Operations and Releases Important to the Oak Ridge Dose Reconstruction
General timelines of key operations relevant to project tasks. (1 MB)

2003 Water Quality Report by the City of Oak Ridge
The goal of the City of Oak Ridge is to produce the highest quality drinking water for all of its customers. Exiting ATSDR Website

The OakRidger
Local MediaExiting ATSDR Website

Roane County News
The Roane County News Online is an information service to the internet community provided by Roane Newspapers of Kingston, Tennessee, USA.Exiting ATSDR Website

The Oak Ridge Environment
This is the on-line version of Environmental Quality Advisory Board's print brochure about environmental conditions in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Includes several photographs of Oak Ridge, as well as links to other sites with related information. Exiting ATSDR Website

Oak Ridge Reservation Local Oversight Committee
Stakeholder organization, representing the region's local governments, concerned with the environmental implications of federal activities in Oak Ridge. Includes background information and reports.Exiting ATSDR Website

Oak Ridge Site Specific Advisory Board (ORSSAB)
The ORSSAB is an independent, federally appointed citizens' panel that provides advice and recommendations to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) on its Oak Ridge Environmental Management (EM) Program.Exiting ATSDR Website

Nine Counties. One Vision.
Nine Counties. One Vision. started when several groups began talking separately but simultaneously about the need for a process to create a common agenda in the Knoxville area.Exiting ATSDR Website

Partnership for Neighborhood Improvement (PNI)
PNI is governed by a fourteen-member board balanced between institutional and residential participants, allowing input from both the professional and grassroots levels. Exiting ATSDR Website

Atomic Trades Labor Council (ATLC) Health & Safety
The ATLC currently represents approximately 2100 members at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Y-12 National Security Complex.Exiting ATSDR Website

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