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National Vaccine Program Office

About NVPO

The National Vaccine Program Office (NVPO) has responsibility for coordinating and ensuring collaboration among the many federal agencies involved in vaccine and immunization activities. The NVPO provides leadership and coordination among Federal agencies, as they work together to carry out the goals of the National Vaccine Plan. The National Vaccine Plan provides a framework, including goals, objectives, and strategies, for pursuing the prevention of infectious diseases through immunizations.

NVPO functions

  • Coordinate and integrate activities of all Federal agencies involved in immunization efforts
  • Ensure that these agencies collaborate, so that immunization activities are carried out in an efficient, consistent, and timely manner
  • Develop and implement strategies for achieving the highest possible level of prevention of human diseases through immunization and the highest possible level of prevention of adverse reactions to vaccines
  • Ensure that minimal gaps occur in Federal planning of vaccine and immunization activities.

NVPO Partners

NVPO Working Groups

Inter-Agency Vaccine Group(IAG)

One of the ways the NVPO coordinates and ensures collaboration among federal agencies working with vaccine issues is through regular meetings and activities of the National Vaccine Program Interagency Group. The agencies comprising this group are listed below, with hot links provided to those that have web sites. Additional hot links to the home pages of these groups are provided throughout the text of this site, where appropriate.

Inter-Agency Vaccine Communications Group (IAVCG)

The Inter-Agency Vaccine Communications Group was formed in 1999 to:

  • Share materials and resources to ensure consistency of information from the Department
  • Simplify processes for working together on vaccine communication issues.
  • Identify additional needs for communication activities and materials:
    • Common concerns to address, e.g., vaccine additives.
    • Information and data not currently available
  • Develop and implement a communications research agenda.
  • Conduct environmental scanning.
  • Establish a common mission regarding the value of vaccines.

The IAVCG serves as a subgroup (Federal agencies only) of the IAG; is not a formal, chartered group; does not function as an independent group; and does not communicate directly with the media or other public entities requesting information.

Last revised: May 22, 2006


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