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Public Participation


General Information and Resources on Public Engagement

  • International Association for Public Participation Spectrum
  • Public Participation toolbox
  • Articles on Public Participation
  • Weblinks

The National Vaccine Advisory Committee Working Group on Public Engagement

Wingspread Pilot Study on Influenza

  • Members
  • Design
  • Background

Public Engagement Pilot Project on Pandemic Influenza

  • Project Overview [DOC - 41KB]
  • National Stakeholders Meeting - Meeting I - July 13-14, 2004 - Institute of Medicine, Washington, DC [DOC - 119KB]
  • Stakeholders, Consultants, Observers, and Staff (Attachment A) [DOC - 152KB]
    • Welcoming Remarks - Roger Bernier, PhD, MPH (Attachment B) [DOC - 40KB]
    • Operational Protocols (Attachment C) [DOC - 123KB]
    • Statement on Public Input for the Pandemic Influenza Plan (Attachment D) [DOC - 27KB]
    • Stakeholder Survey (Attachment E) [DOC - 111KB]
  • Final Report [PDF - 1.6MB]

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Last revised: January 8, 2008


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