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Mission, Vision & Goals

Mission, Vision & Goals


CMS' Mission

  • To ensure effective, up-to-date health care coverage and to promote quality care for beneficiaries

CMS' Vision

  • To achieve a transformed and modernized health care system.
  • CMS will accomplish our mission by continuing to transform and modernize America's health care system.

CMS' Strategic Action Plan Objectives

  • Skilled, Committed, and Highly-Motivated Workforce
  • Accurate and Predictable Payments
  • High-Value Health Care
  • Confident, Informed Consumers
  • Collaborative Partnerships

To read about the initiatives included in the CMS Strategic Action Plan, click on the links below to download the CMS Strategic Action Plan 2006-2009, the Executive Summary, or the Plan on a Page.


Strategic Action Plan Executive Summary [PDF, 48KB]

CMS Strategic Action Plan [PDF, 1MB]

Plan on a Page [PDF, 910KB]
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