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Deficit Reduction Act

Alternative Benefit Packages

State Flexibility in Benefit Packages

Under Section 6044, the DRA provides States with the flexibility to change their Medicaid benefit packages to mirror certain commercial insurance packages through the use of benchmark plans.  States may us this authority to leverage employer-sponsored coverage of Medicaid beneficiaries.  While only certain groups of beneficiaries may be mandated into a benchmark plan, States may also use this flexibility to provide tailored benefits to meet the special health needs of other groups of beneficiaries on a voluntary basis. Within these packages. States have the option to amend their State Medicaid Plan to provide State flexibility in benefit packages without regard to traditional requirements such as statewideness, comparability, freedom of choice, or certain other traditional Medicaid requirements.

Copies of several State Plan Amendments (SPAs) that describe how States are implementing alternative benefit packages are available via the link below.

Kentucky [ZIP, 1.8 MB]

West Virginia [ZIP, 1.1 MB]

Idaho [ZIP, 674 KB]

Kansas [ZIP, 674 KB]

Virginia [ZIP, 56 KB]

Wisconsin Benchmark Plan Fact Sheet [PDF, 64 KB]

Insure Missouri Fact Sheet [PDF, 39 KB]
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