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Raúl Pitarque and Javier Bou of Argentina won the prize for the best entry in the competition for a universal symbol to designate smoke-free environments for children. UICC will work with its members and partners to disseminate the symbol worldwide.






Summit adopts declaration 

The World Cancer Summit - a meeting of more than 60 highlevel policymakers, leaders and health experts in Cologny, Geneva, on Saturday 31 August - adopted the World Cancer Declaration by acclamation and then turned its attention to how the declaration may be put into effect.

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reel lives: the cancer chronicles

Chrigu wins grand prize at first ever international documentary film festival on cancer



uniting to defeat cancer


applications deadline of 15 September for cancer society training grants

Staff or accredited volunteers of voluntary cancer societies located in the Asia-Pacific region are invited to apply for an Asia-Pacific cancer society training grant. 

Successful candidates will take part in and learn from activities and campaigns conducted by established cancer societies in the region. Candidates can choose from projects covering such educational subjects as fund-raising, prevention and early detection, cancer support services, tobacco control or advocacy.


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Each year, more than 160,000 cases of childhood cancer are diagnosed and at least 90,000 children die of cancer.
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