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Consumer Guide to Check 21 and Substitute Checks. A federal law, known as Check 21, allows banks to send you "substitute checks" in place of your original cancelled checks. Find out your rights. 2 pp. (2004. FRB) 338R. $1.00. A pdf version is available

Get a Good Night’s Sleep: Rest Assured, Your Money is Safe in an FDIC-Insured Account. pp. (. FDIC) 646R. Free.

Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance. This type of insurance covers services needed by those with chronic illness or disability. Check out the costs, limitations and exclusions, and coverage options you need. 20 pp. (2004. USDA) 579R. Free. A pdf version is available

ID Theft: What's It All About?. Thieves can steal your personal information and use it to commit fraud for long periods without your knowledge. Here's how to protect yourself, and what to do if you are a victim. 18 pp. (2005. FTC) 638R. Free.

Living Trust Offers. Find out if living trusts are right for you and how to protect yourself from scams when planning your estate. 2 pp. (2000. FTC) 322R. $1.00. A pdf version is available

Money Tips for All Ages: Your Finances at Different Stages of Life. Practical help for teens, young adults, newlyweds, people at midlife, parents, retirees, and financial caregivers. Also for those dealing with a medical emergency, job loss or other major life events. 15 pp. (2008. FDIC) 640R. Free. A pdf version is available

Privacy Choices for Your Personal Financial Information. Explains your right to opt out of sharing some of your personal information and lists the types of information that financial companies can share about you. 8 pp. (2002. FRB) 309L. $1.00. A pdf version is available

Protecting Yourself from Overdraft and Bounced Check Fees. Find out how much overdraft and bounced check fees can cost you and learn how to avoid these fees. 2 pp. (2004. FRB) 340R. $1.00. A pdf version is available

What You Should Know About Buying Life Insurance. Describes various types with tips on choosing a company, an agent, and a policy that meets your needs. 24 pp. (2007. FCIC) 630R. Free. A pdf version is available

When Is Your Check Not a Check?. Merchants can use the information from your checks to withdraw money directly from your bank account. Learn about your rights when it comes to electronic check conversion and what to do if you have a problem. 2 pp. (2002. FRB) 339R. $1.00. A pdf version is available

Your Home Inventory. How to create a home inventory to keep track of your belongings, buy the proper amount of insurance, get property insurance claims settled faster, and verify losses for your tax return. 2 pp. (2006. FCIC) 345R. $1.00. A pdf version is available

51 Ways to Save Hundreds on Loans and Credit Cards. Simple strategies for cutting costs any time, plus specific tips for saving money when you use credit cards and apply for home, auto, small emergency, student and small business loans. 11 pp. (2007. FDIC) 593R. Free. A pdf version is available

Building a Better Credit Report. Learn how to improve your credit score, deal with debt, spot credit-related scams, and more. 16 pp. (2005. FTC) 311R. $1.00. A pdf version is available

Choosing a Credit Card. Compare the features and costs, and learn your liability limits when using a credit card. Covers what to do if there is a billing error or another problem with your credit card. 20 pp. (2004. FRB) 309R. $1.00.

Consumer Handbook to Credit Protection Laws. This guide explains how consumer credit laws can help and protect you. 44 pp. (1999. FRB) 310R. $1.00.

Credit Matters. How to qualify for credit, keep a good credit history, protect your credit once you have it, and more. 2 pp. (2000. FTC) 312R. $1.00. A pdf version is available

Identity Theft and Your Social Security Number. Someone illegally using your Social Security number can steal your financial identity and your money. Find out how to prevent identify theft, how to report it if you suspect it, and if you can get a new Social Security number if you are a victim. 8 pp. (2007. SSA) 519R. Free. A pdf version is available

Your Credit Scores. Your credit score shows how likely you are to pay a loan on time. Learn why your credit score matters, what good and bad scores are, the elements of your FICO credit score, and how to raise your score. 2 pp. (2005. FCIC) 313R. $1.00. A pdf version is available

Investing & Saving
66 Ways to Save Money. Practical ways to cut everyday costs on transportation, insurance, banking, credit, housing, utilities, food, and more. 10 pp. (2005. FCIC) 342R. $0.50. A pdf version is available   A Spanish version is available

Affinity Fraud. This type of scam targets religious, elderly, ethnic, professional, and other groups. Get tips on how to avoid becoming a victim and where to get more information. 2 pp. (2006. SEC) 592R. Free.

Consumer's Almanac. Organize your expenses, save for the future, and manage your credit with monthly calendars and worksheets. 32 pp. (1997. USDA) 343R. $1.00. A pdf version is available

Fighting Fraud 101 --- Smart Tips for Older Investors. Scam artists frequently target Americans nearing or in retirement. The typical fraud victim is college-educated and financially savvy. This booklet will help you learn the psychology of a scam, and how to protect yourself. 3 pp. (2007. SEC) 634R. Free. A pdf version is available

Get the Facts on Saving and Investing. Use this guide's helpful tips and worksheets for calculating net worth, income, and expenses. 18 pp. (2004. SEC) 584R. Free. A pdf version is available

How SIPC Protects You. If your brokerage firm closes due to bankruptcy or other financial difficulties, the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) works to return your assets. Find out what SIPC does and does not cover. 10 pp. (2002. SEC) 570R. Free. A pdf version is available

Insuring Your Deposits. Find out if your bank or savings institution is insured, what types of accounts are covered, and how much of your money is protected. 2 pp. (2006. FDIC) 574R. Free. A pdf version is available

Internet Fraud: How to Avoid Internet Investment Scams. Questions to ask about online investment opportunities, tips on the warning signs of fraud, and what to do if you run into problems. 19 pp. (2005. SEC) 595R. Free.

Introduction to Mutual Funds. What they are, how to compare them, what to consider before investing, and how to avoid common pitfalls. 36 pp. (2003. SEC) 571R. Free.

Questions You Should Ask About Your Investments. The secret to investing wisely is knowing what to ask about investment products, your broker’s history, your investment’s performance, and how to handle problems. 8 pp. (2002. SEC) 591R. Free.

Retirement Planning
Filing a Claim For Your Retirement Benefits. What you need to know about your summary plan description, filing a benefit claim, waiting periods, appealing a denied claim, and more. 2 pp. (2005. DOL) 586R. Free.

Questions You Should Ask About Your Investments. The secret to investing wisely is knowing what to ask about investment products, your broker’s history, your investment’s performance, and how to handle problems. 8 pp. (2002. SEC) 591R. Free.

Savings Fitness: A Guide to Your Money and Your Financial Future. Create your personal savings plan and prepare for retirement with this step-by-step guide. 20 pp. (1999. DOL) 585R. Free. A pdf version is available

Taking the Mystery Out of Retirement Planning. Designed for those about 10 years from retirement, this comprehensive publication has step-by-step worksheets to help you figure out how much money you need to retire and how to make sure your funds will last during your retirement. 68 pp. (2005. DOL) 583R. Free.

Top 10 Ways to Prepare for Retirement. Gives practical tips to build your retirement savings and lists resources for more information. 2 pp. (2001. DOL) 586P. Free.

Women and Retirement Savings. What women need to know about retirement benefits, including plan type, eligibility, penalties, spousal benefits, and more. 6 pp. (2001. DOL) 587R. Free.

Your Guaranteed Pension. Frequently asked questions about the security of private pension plans, including benefits and plan termination. 12 pp. (2008. PBGC) 582R. Free.

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