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Secretary Mike Leavitt: Connecting to Better Health Care

Technology is transforming the world we live in. Electronic health records (EHR) and quality-of-care information can protect you and help you make good health-care decisions. HHS is committed to connecting you to these new health-care resources.

EHRs are revolutionizing the way health care data is managed to produce better health outcomes and greater patient satisfaction. Interoperable electronic health records prevent medical errors, decrease administrative paperwork, lower costs, improve efficiency, and result in better patient care.

HHS is encouraging and supporting the development and implementation of interoperable EHR systems. With Secretary Leavitt’s leadership, Medicare has launched a demonstration project that will reward physician practices that use certified EHRs to improve the quality of care they provide. The demonstration is designed to show that widespread adoption and use of EHRs will reduce medical errors and improve the quality of care for an estimated 3.6 million consumers.

HHS and the Federal Communications Commission are also working together to support numerous telehealth projects that will help improve access to health care in rural communities.

Reliable information about the cost and value of health care empowers consumers to make informed decisions. HHS is working with local communities to connect and increase access to information about the quality of patient health care. 

Already more than 100 local collaboratives are working to create a new value-driven marketplace. To build upon this collaboration, Secretary Leavitt is awarding Chartered Value Exchange (CVE) designations, which will give these local and regional groups access to a wealth of contacts as well as performance measurement results from Medicare to assist in value-based purchasing decisions.

Connecting to Better Health Care:

Electronic Health Records

Chartered Value Exchanges