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HHS Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives - FY 2007-2012


Health Care: Improve the safety, quality, affordability and accessibility of health care, including behavioral health care and long-term care.

Objective 1.1

Broaden health insurance and long-term care coverage.

Objective 1.2

Increase health care service availability and accessibility.

Objective 1.3

Improve health care quality, safety, cost, and value.

Objective 1.4

Recruit, develop, and retain a competent health care workforce.




Public Health Promotion and Protection, Disease Prevention, and Emergency Preparedness: Prevent and control disease, injury, illness, and disability across the lifespan, and protect the public from infectious, occupational, environmental, and terrorist threats.

Objective 2.1

Prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Objective 2.2

Protect the public against injuries and environmental threats.

Objective 2.3

Promote and encourage preventive health care, including mental health, lifelong healthy behaviors, and recovery.

Objective 2.4

Prepare for and respond to natural and manmade disasters.




Human Services: Promote the economic and social well-being of individuals, families and communities.

Objective 3.1

Promote the economic independence and social well-being of individuals and families across the lifespan.

Objective 3.2

Protect the safety and foster the well-being of children and youth.

Objective 3.3

Encourage the development of strong, healthy, and supportive communities.

Objective 3.4

Address the needs, strengths, and abilities of vulnerable populations.




Scientific Research and Development:Advance scientific and biomedical research and development related to health and human services.

Objective 4.1

Strengthen the pool of qualified health and behavioral science researchers.

Objective 4.2

Increase basic scientific knowledge to improve human health and human development.

Objective 4.3

Conduct and oversee applied research to improve health and well-being.

Objective 4.4

Communicate and transfer research results into clinical, public health, and human service practice.




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