Community Hazards Emergency Response-Capability Assurance Process (CHER-CAP)

The Community Hazards Emergency Response-Capability Assurance Process (CHER-CAP) program originated in FEMA’s Region VI, Denton, Texas, in 1989. In February, 2000 the program was expanded to all regions and established as the centerpiece of FEMA’s HAZMAT Program. FEMA regions continue to make the CHER-CAP’s very effective methodology available to state, local and tribal communities throughout the nation. FEMA continues to support the nationwide use of CHER-CAP as a voluntary, comprehensive preparedness effort to address community all-hazard preparedness planning bases. FEMA encourages local jurisdictions and industry to work together toward being better prepared for all-hazards risks that we may confront in the 21st century.

FEMA does not provide direct funding to state, local or tribal governments for the administration of the CHER-CAP program. However, there are a number of state and federal funding sources available that are intended to assist communities to improve their emergency preparedness and response capabilities. FEMA regions can show state and local governments how the CHER-CAP methodology can facilitate better use of those available state and federal emergency preparedness and response funding sources, by providing a proven way for state , local and tribal governments to:

All disasters are local, thus the CHER-CAP program reinforces an all-hazard preparedness and response focus by drawing together the key partners from the public and private sector at the local level. It gives responders from all disciplines: fire fighting, emergency medical services, law enforcement, public works, health, environment, volunteer organizations, and industry, a forum to plan, train, and work together demonstrating skills and discovering opportunities for improvements in preparedness and response. FEMA is providing the CHER-CAP methodology as another accessible tool for state and local governments.

CHER-CAP fact sheet

For more information about CHER-CAP contact the FEMA regional office in your area.

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