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Individuals Authorized Access to the CMS Computer Services (IACS)


Individuals Authorized Access to the CMS Computer Services (IACS)

The landscape for business operations has changed since the early 1990s. CMS is more integrated with its partners than ever before. Information is more readily available than ever before. The sensitivity of CMS data and improved ability to access data combine to create substantial risk to CMS and Beneficiaries. Legislation like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and Federal standards published by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and CMS policies have been established to control that risk. IACS is the CMS enterprise Identity Management and Authentication system which implements the security requirements of federal legislation, Federal Standards, and CMS policy.

The IACS mission is to provide secure, high quality identity management and authentication services to protect CMS systems and data.

Why is Identity Management Important?
CMS has a responsibility to safeguard the sensitive information in its possession. Federal standards, legislation, and CMS policy require all sensitive systems to be protected from damage and unauthorized access.

Why is this important to me or my organization?
CMS is responsible for protecting the personal information of Beneficiaries, and access to federal funds. Anyone working with beneficiary data or distribution of federal funds should be acutely sensitive to these requirements. Failure to provide sufficient care or the inadvertent violation of standards and regulations can have significant consequences for the offender.

A standardized Enterprise Identity Management & Authentication EIM&A system safeguards individuals and organizations from inadvertent compliance failures. It provides a central location for monitoring, managing, and certifying security enforcement, which simplifies auditing. This also relieves the individual business line from the need to implement their own security enforcement regime.

CMS Employees, Contractors and Beneficiaries rely on IACS to provide high quality security needed in the information age. IACS values your trust and is committed to uncompromising security and quality.


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