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2008 Consumer Action Handbook. Use this updated guide to get help with consumer problems and complaints. Find consumer contacts at hundreds of companies and trade associations; local, state, and federal government agencies; national consumer organizations; and more. 176 pp. (2008. FCIC) 568R. Free. A pdf version is available

Civil War at a Glance. This full-color map illustrates and briefly describes major Civil War battle campaigns. pp. (1995. DOI) 111R. $2.00.

Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence. Learn more about the foundations of our country's freedom with the full text of both historic documents. 48 pp. (2006. HOUSE) 110R. $2.75. A pdf version is available

For the Birds. How to attract different species of birds, feed them, and provide suitable homes. 50 pp. (1997. DOI) 331R. $1.00.

Funerals: A Consumer Guide. Know your rights as a consumer and what to keep in mind when making funeral arrangements. 29 pp. (2000. FTC) 321R. $1.00. A pdf version is available

Keeping Your Best Friend Active, Safe, and Pain Free. Discusses the use of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs) in dogs to control pain and inflammation caused by arthritis or surgery. 6 pp. (2007. FDA) 503R. Free. A pdf version is available

Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants. This comprehensive guide contains practical information to help immigrants deal with everyday life in the United States, as well as a basic introduction to the U.S. system of government. It also gives new immigrants tips on how to get involved in their new communities and exercise their rights as citizens or permanent residents. 122 pp. (2007. USCIS) 101R. $9.50. A pdf version is available

Where to Write for Vital Records. Listing of state offices to contact for birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates, with guidelines to follow when submitting a request. 47 pp. (2005. CDC) 107P. $4.25. A pdf version is available

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