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Consumer Assessment of Health Providers & Systems

Consumer Assessment of Health Providers & Systems


What Is CAHPS?

The term CAHPS refers to a comprehensive and evolving family of surveys that ask consumers and patients to evaluate the interpersonal aspects of health care. CAHPS surveys probe those aspects of care for which consumers and patients are the best and/or only source of information, as well as those that consumers and patients have identified as being important. CAHPS initially stood for the Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Study, but as the products have evolved beyond health plans, the acronym now stands for Consumer Assessment of Health Providers and Systems.  

This module is designed as a comprehensive warehouse of CAHPS information. The intent of the module is to allow researchers, providers and partners to find out more about Medicare's CAHPS efforts.

The CAHPS Module is dividing into the following sections based on the various CAHPS surveys CMS sponsors:

  • Fee for Service CAHPS (FFS CAHPS)
  • Hospital CAHPS  (H CAHPS)
  • In Center Hemodiaylsis CAHPS (ICH CAHPS)
  • Medicare Advantage CAHPS (MA CAHPS)
  • Nursing Home CAHPS (NH CAHPS) 

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