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Capital Market Updates

Capital Market Updates


CMS has gathered research reports from the major investment firms, summarized their analyses, and condensed them into a short, and hopefully, understandable format. Our goal is to provide objective summary information that can be quickly used by CMS, HHS, Congress, and their staffs that oversee these programs.

For more information on the Health Care Industry Market Updates, please click on the links in the downloads area.


Memorandum to Investors

Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility PPS and The 75 Percent Rule, November 30, 2005 [PDF, 266 KB]

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Health Care Industry Market Update

Medical Devices & Supplies, December 5, 2003 [PDF, 313 KB]

Home Health, September 22, 2003 [PDF, 280 KB]

Acute Care Hospitals, July 14, 2003 [PDF, 316 KB]

Nursing Facilities, May 20, 2003 [PDF, 405 KB]

Managed Care, March 24, 2003 [488 KB]

Pharmaceuticals, January 10, 2003 [PDF, 211 KB]

Medical Devices & Supplies, October 10, 2002 [PDF, 419KB]

Home Health, June 28, 2002 [PDF, 272 KB]

Acute Care Hospitals, April 29,2002 [PDF, 726 KB]

Acute Care Hospitals, Appendix, November 12, 2002 (update) [PDF, 211 KB]

Nursing Facilities, February 6, 2002 [PDF, 293 KB]

Managed Care, November 28, 2001 [PDF, 326KB]

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