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Search Tips

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The MLN Matters full text search function will search the directories for all years to find all of the MLN Matters articles you need.  It will search articles from 2004 to the current year.  Results may vary due to filtering specifications entered by users to find specific articles or groups of articles.  A link to the full text search function is located in the "Related Links Inside CMS" section below.

How to use the Search functions:

From the top of the page, use the filters under "Advanced Web Search" to establish search criteria and limit the number of returns  to your search results.  

  • with all of the words - means the results will contain all of the words entered, i.e., If 3 words are entered and, all of the three are present, in any order, the search engine will deliver as results.
  • with the exact phrase - the exact phrase must be present to return a result.  Similar to a "exact phrase" string, this exact quote needs to be present to return results.
  • with at least one of the words - any of the words entered will return results. That is, if "exact phrase" is entered, either 'exact' or 'phrase' needs to be present to return a result.
  • without the words - means excluding any of the words entered here.  i.e., the user wants all ESRD information with the exception of the billing instructions; the user might wish to exclude all results within ESRD that contain 'billing'.
  • Language - Self-explanatory.
  • Occurrences - use this to limit the results to those occurring only in the title, or URL for you search criteria.
  • SORT - either by relevance or date.  Users may sort the results by date to get the newest returns first on the list of results.

Page-Specific Search:

Links:  Enter the URL in the text box to get a list of pages that link to that URL. i.e., type in the text box: 'http://www.cms.hhs.gov/MLNMattersArticles/' to see what other pages link to it.  TIP: In searching for links to sections, avoid page designators (02_about-us.asp) as they may return less than the full number of pages linking to that section.

These tips are available in the download section of this page.


How to use the Search Page [PDF 31KB]
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