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What Is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) news feeds make it possible for you to put together your own customized list of news and information.

Thousands of Web sites, including FDA's, have started adding special code that allows RSS news readers (also called RSS aggregators) to pick up the content. Then all you have to do is sign up with a news reader and choose the sites from which you want to get news.

"I Clicked on an RSS Link and Just Saw a Bunch of Code"

 That’s actually what’s supposed to happen. Those links are not for reading the content. They’re for the RSS reader to gather the content and for you to copy into your own page on the news reader’s site.

"Where Can I Find an RSS News Reader?"

News readers are available on the Internet. Some are separate software programs that you download onto your desktop. Others are Web based.

You can choose from many of the available readers at the Open Directory site.

How Do I Find Sites That Have RSS Content?

On your favorite sites, look for RSS feed and a link that says RSS News Feed.

FDA has several sites with RSS news feeds including Press Releases and Recalls.

The USA.gov website also has a list of RSS feeds on sites throughout the federal government.

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