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Presidential Transition, 2008-2009: National Security Considerations and Options

Presidential Transitions A presidential transition is a unique time in America and holds the promise of opportunity, as well as National Security risks.



Military Publications & Manuals

military pubs The National Technical Information Service distributes 14,000 Army technical manuals (TM's), field manuals (FM's), Army regulations (AR's), technical bulletins (TB), and more.



United States Trade in Wood Products, 1978-2005

U.S. Trade in wood products Volume and values of United States trade in wood products from 1978 to 2005. Import and export data from over 1,700 wood products.



Federal Banking and Financial Institutions Information

Federal Banking Access regulatory filings by financial institutions and other important information related to banks and thrifts. NTIS receives its information from: The Federal Reserve System; FDIC; Office of Thrift Supervision; and the HMDA.