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Welcome to the IHS Pharmacy Program Web Site.

Indian Health Service (IHS) pharmacists practice in a true pharmaceutical care environment where they fully utilize their knowledge and skills. IHS has pioneered many progressive and innovative advances over the past thirty years. Pharmacists have access to the patient's entire health record including laboratory results, immunization status, and past medical history to assess the appropriateness of drug therapy. Problems are resolved with providers prior to dispensing medications, and all patients are counseled on their medication therapy. In many locations, pharmacists are credentialed to provide primary care and use their prescriptive authority to evaluate and manage the care of certain patients.

In the hospital setting, services provided include unit dose, IV admixtures, pharmacokinetic consultation, physician rounding, drug information and patient discharge medication counseling.

The unique cultural experience of working with various Indian tribes as an integral part of the health care team provides a challenging experience that is unique to the Indian Health Service.


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