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This is a searchable database of photos, illustrations, and videos. We encourage the use of these images for educational, news media, or research purposes, provided the source for each image is credited. The material in this database may not be used to promote or endorse commercial products or services.

If you have interesting or striking images created with NIGMS support and free of copyright restrictions, please contact us about submitting them for inclusion in the database.

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Sample Image

Beaded bacteriophage

This sculpture made of purple and clear glass beads depicts bacteriophage Phi174, a virus that infects bacteria. It rests on a surface that portrays an adaptive landscape, a conceptual visualization. The ridges represent the gene combinations associated with the greatest fitness levels of the virus, as measured by how quickly the virus can reproduce itself. Phi174 is an important model system for studies of viral evolution because its genome can readily be sequenced as it evolves under defined laboratory conditions.

Featured in the March 21, 2006, issue of Biomedical Beat.

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