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About the Kids’ Movement

Since 2005 the Alliance has been working to create an on-air, online, and grassroots movement to reach millions of kids with “cool” messages about healthy living. Kids across the country have heard our message and to date over one million have taken the Go Healthy Pledge to dedicate themselves to a healthier lifestyle and to help their families, friends and communities make healthy changes.

After two successful on-air seasons of the Let’s Just Play Go Healthy Challenge on Nickelodeon and some amazing grassroots events, we’ve created awareness of our movement. Now we’re taking it to the next level. In addition to engaging kids with cool, healthy messages, we’re inviting them to use their own voices, speak to each other, get educated and get activated. Our “by kids, for kids” movement will empower millions more kids to make healthy behavior change and become leaders and advocates for physical activity and healthy eating.

The Kids’ Movement will be rolling out programs and activities to ENGAGE, EDUCATE and ACTIVATE youth across the country to be empowered and take the Go Healthy Challenge.

We’re creating messages, informed by kids, that make healthy lifestyles “cool” and encourage kids to act on their interest by making a commitment to be healthy and defining why their health is important.

We’re developing tools, inspired by kids and parents, which will instill the basic skills for good nutrition and daily physical activity into kids’ lives and homes. Once they learn it they can do it. Each and every day. One day at a time. For the rest of their lives.

We’re building a platform for youth activism by helping kids tell their stories, identify the hurdles to good health, understand the appropriate tools to make change, and organize with peers and in their communities to fight this epidemic of childhood obesity - and win.


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