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Founded in 1994, Shape Up America! is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization committed to raising awareness of obesity as a health issue and to providing responsible information on healthy weight management.

Canyon Ranch Cookbook

Attention golf and cookbook lovers! The Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) and Canyon Ranch have teamed up to create The LPGA Cooks with Canyon Ranch, a delicious collection of your favorite golfers’ recipes, along with some of the most popular dishes from the Canyon Ranch kitchens. Extra bonus: All proceeds from cookbook sales will support the Shape Up America! childhood obesity initiative! Makes a perfect gift! More info

You Can Support the Prevention of Childhood Obesity

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Step One for Weight Loss

Do you know your BMI? That stands for Body Mass Index — a number that describes the relationship between your weight and your height. Your BMI indicates whether you are underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese, and it is an indicator of health risk. Try our adult BMI calculator.

Serving Up Alcohol

A Shape Up America! survey shows consumers want a mandatory Serving Facts panel on labels of all alcohol-containing beverages. When presented with three potential labels, the clear choice was a Serving Facts panel that provides calorie information as well as alcohol content information and specific guidance on moderate drinking. For more information:
Online survey findings (PDF)
Press release (PDF)
Dr. Koop Speaks Out (video)

Share Your Story!

act_fruit6.jpg Do you have an inspiring success story? Would you like to help others who are struggling with their weight? We ask you to share your story with Shape Up America! You can also visit the Story Center to read about others who are working to manage their weight.

Assessing Childhood Obesity

The Shape Up America! Pediatric BMI Assessment Tool permits health care professionals to calculate BMI and plot BMI percentile on the CDC growth charts for children ages 2 to 20. The user can enter up to six sets of data for a single child and the graph can be printed out for filing purposes.

Many states are mandating measurement of BMI in preschoolers and school children. Our goal is to make the laborious BMI calculation and plotting of BMI percentile as accurate and convenient as possible.

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The Partnership for Essential Nutrition is dedicated to providing guidance regarding the important contribution that all three macronutrients — carbohydrates, protein and fat — play in promoting good health and successful weight loss. Visit the PEN web site to learn more about how to lose weight in a healthy way.

Family Fitness Fun!

Visit our Fitness Tips section with lots of great ideas to promote physical activity. Perfect for the classroom, clinic or kitchen!

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