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AAIP Family Wellness Conference

3rd Annual Family Wellness Conference"Preventing Abuse, Preserving Culture: A Holistic Approach to Family Wellness"

September 29th & 30th, 2008

The Association of American Indian Physicians (AAIP) welcomes you to attend the 3rd Annual Family Wellness Conference in Oklahoma City. The title of the conference is "Preventing Abuse, Preserving Culture: A Holistic Approach to Family Wellness".

Registration is now open!
There is NO fee to attend.

AAIP News & Announcements
aaip AAIP Diabetes Program is Offering $1,000 Mini-Grants to Support
   Diabetes Education Outreach Activities. Application Period is Open
   from September 1, 2008 to October 15, 2008.

   Posted Date: 8/25/08
aaip Annual conference exhibitor space filling quickly forces June 16th    deadline
   Posted Date: 6/12/08
aaip 37th Annual Conference Overflow Hotel Information
   Posted Date: 6/12/08
aaip Cross Cultural Medicine Workshop discounted room rate
   deadline is today!
   Posted Date: 3/28/08
aaip Annual Meeting Poster Competition Guidelines! $50 OFF
   Registration Fee! Cash Prizes! All Meeting Participants
   Welcome To Apply!
   Posted Date: 3/25/08
aaip Pre-Admissions Workshop: Student Scholarships Available!
   Helping Prepare You for a Health Profession
   Posted Date: 3/13/08
aaip 2008 Diabetes Today Training
   Posted Date: 3/05/08
aaip National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases
   offers student scholarships to attend the AAIP Annual Meeting
   Posted Date: 2/08/08
aaip NIDDK Application
   Posted Date: 2/08/08
aaip Registration is now open for the Society of American Indian
   Dentists Annual Conference
   Posted Date: 1/18/08
aaip  AAIP Offers Student Scholarships for the 2008 Cross Cultural
   Medicine Workshop In April
   Posted Date: 1/15/08
aaip 2008 MCAT Online Preparatory Course Student Scholarship
   Posted Date: 12/14/07
aaip AAIP Elects New Board of Directors
   Posted Date: 11/1/07
aaip AAIP honors Mayo Clinic Oncologist as Indian Physician of the Year
   Posted Date: 11/1/07
aaip A Message from the President of AAIP
   Posted Date: 11/1/07










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