Deck Equipment

Deck Equipment Layout

The Miller Freeman deck layout offers port and starboard quarterdeck oceanographic winch capability with dedicated A-frames; stern port and starboard oceanographic winch capability; and stern heavy trawl capability, through the large stern Gantry. A ramp can be inserted over the trawlway facilitating mooring deployment and recovery. The four oceanographic winch configuration, plus trawling, enables multiple operations on station with minimal lost time for gear changes.

DesignationLift CapabilityWire Size
Port Appleton Crane8,500 lbs, 360 degree range, 50 ft. ext. max5/8 "
Stbd Appleton Crane8,500 lbs, 360 degree range, 50 ft. ext. max5/8 "
Bow HIAB Crane2,750 lbs @ 27'1/2"

A - Frames
DesignationAssociated WinchesDimensions
Trawl GantryAft Marco29' height
14.5' width
4.5' aft extension
6.0' fwd extension
Port OceoPort Markey Oceoanographic14.5' height
4.5' outboard extension
Stbd OceoStbd Markey Oceanographic13.5' height
4.5' outboard extension

DesignationWire TypeWire SizeAmountSafe Working
Stbd Markey2-layer, 3 conductor 0.322"3,100m1,150 lbs
Port Markey2-layer, 3 conductor 0.322"3,215m1,150 lbs
Aft Marco6x19 IWRC 7/16"2,940m3,550 lbs
Aft Rowegalv 2-layer, single conductor, Oceo wire 3/8"2,450m3,300 lbs
Aft Sea-Mac (Third Wire)galv 2-layer, coax 15/32"2,400m3,300 lbs
Mico (Acoustics Winch)38 conductor 1"30m?
Rapp-Hydema Trawl Winch (two)6x19 galv, improved plow, IWRC 1"2,200m22,000 lbs
Net Reels (two)18,000 lbs - 20,000 lbs max pull
Port LantecSpectra 1.25"250 ft23,000 lbs
Stbd Lantec6x19 plow steel 1.125"250 ft23,000 lbs
HauloutSpectra 1/2"250 ft40,700 lbs

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Updated: August 28, 2008