Ship Navigation Equipment

Gyro compass
The shp has a Sperry MK 37 Gyrocompass stepper and syncro outputs. Heading data is recorded in the ship's Scientific Computer System (SCS), using synchro to digital conversion. Gyro repeaters are located on the bridge and bridge wings, in the trawl house, and in after steering. Gyro information is used by various ship's systems such as the radars, Inmarsat, ADCP, etc. The gyrocompass information is used by the ship's Sperry autopilot system.
The primary navigation GPS system consists of two Leica MX412 DGPS receivers located on the bridge. The positioning information is used as input for the ship's Nobeltec Visual Navigation Suite, as well as recorded on the SCS system. The data is also available in the Trawl House. A Trimble P-Code receiver and a Northstar 941X 12-channel DGPS receiver are located in Dataplot for use with other scientific sensors and is recorded on SCS. DGPS data is also output from the POS/MV system. Backup GPS data can be used from the Trimble Inmarsat-C unit and from a Northstar 941 6-channel DPGS receiver in the Radio Room.
The ship is currently using Nobeltec's Visual Navigation Suite. Traditional paper charts are used as well.
The ship has a Raytehon X-ban (3 cm) radar using an ARPA display. The ARPA display incorporates gyro heading information and GPS position data into the visual display. The ship also has an S-band (10 cm) radar with a non-ARPA display, that incorporates gyro information.
Doppler speed log
An Ametek Doppler Speed Log provides speed through the water. This information is also available in the Trawl House.
The receiver is a GMDSS compliant 518 KHz receiver used for receiving and direct printing of weather and marine safety information.
Weather fax
The weather fax receiver is used to receive National Weather Service (NWS) weather products from automated U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) communication stations. USCG stations transmit products from locations in Alaska, Hawall, Guam and California on medium frequency (MF) and high frequency (HF) at scheduled times.

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