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Student Programs (Natl Institutes of Health)
The NIH offers scholarships, internships, fellowships, research opportunities, graduate programs, and other student programs for students, from high school to graduate level.
Visits: 90130

EPA Student Opportunities (US Environmental Protection Agency)
At the EPA, students can get career experience while helping protect human health & safeguard the environment. Find internships, student jobs, fellowships & more in Washington, DC, at EPA labs, and at regional EPA locations nationwide.
Visits: 80481 (Office of Personnel Management)
Your one stop to find special opportunities for students in the Federal government. Learn about co-ops, internships, summer jobs, the Outstanding Scholars Program, volunteer opportunities, and plenty of part-time and full-time jobs.
Visits: 64534

Special Employment Programs (US Dept of Defense)
The Human Resources Directorate (HRD) for the Department of Defense in the Washington, DC area offers information on internships, fellowships, student employment, and veterans' programs.
Visits: 25480

Student Resources (US Dept of Health & Human Services)
This HHS site provides information on internships, student employment, research opportunities, and volunteering. If you are interested in a career in the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services, this site is for you.
Visits: 20856

Student Opportunities (US Dept of Health and Human Services)
The HHS Student Opportunities page connects you to all types of student employment at HHS, including internships, summer employment, the Outstanding Scholars employment program, and volunteer opportunities.
Visits: 15752

Student Programs (National Security Agency)
Find out about student jobs, internships, scholarships, and cooperative education programs with the National Security Agency (NSA). NSA protects the nation's communication networks and gathers foreign intelligence.
Visits: 12050

Student Appointments (Natl Science Foundation)
Find out more about opportunities in the National Science Foundation's Student Career Experience Program and Student Temporary Appointment Program. Both are available to students at all academic levels.
Visits: 11982

Student Educational Employment (Office of Personnel Management)
The Office of Personnel Mangement has combined many of its student employment programs into this new program, which provides either temporary employment or career experience to students at all levels of education. Check it out!
Visits: 10940

Careers with CMS (US Dept of Health & Human Svcs)
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) offer a variety of employment and internship opportunities, and special programs for students like student jobs, volunteer programs, and internships.
Visits: 6839

Student Opportunities (Internal Revenue Service)
As the largest accounting firm in the U.S., the IRS offers invaluable career opportunities in the world of finance for students like you. Find out more about IRS internships, temporary student jobs, and careers here.
Visits: 5879

Census Bureau Jobs and Student Opportunities (US Census Bureau)
Are you interested in working for the U.S. Census Bureau? Their Jobs@Census page lets you search for jobs by your area of expertise, or link to student employment programs and internship opportunities.
Visits: 5731

Student Jobs (US Geological Survey)
The US Geological Survey (USGS) offers diverse employment opportunities for students in biology, hydrology, computer science, cartography, geology, administration, and many other fields.
Visits: 4016

Internships and Student Programs (US Dept of Agriculture)
This site provides information on internships, fellowships, and student employment with the USDA. If you are interested in getting career experience with the Department of Agriculture, this site is for you. Links to all their internship programs.
Visits: 3892

Special Hiring Programs (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services offer a variety of career opportunities for students. The links on this page offer information on each program, including the purpose, the eligibility requirements and how to apply.
Visits: 3572

Jobs and Student Opportunities (Natl Aeronautics & Space Admin)
NASA has great job opportunities for a wide range of people. Learn about NASA careers in engineering, administration and computer science, or check out their student internships, fellowships, and other programs.
Visits: 2317

Student Programs (US Nuclear Regulatory Commission)
The NRC protects public health and safety, the environment, and national security by regulating the non-defense use of nuclear energy. Learn about student internships and the Career Experience Program here.
Visits: 1147

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Volunteer Student Internships (U.S. DOE)
EERE offers exciting student volunteer opportunities through the year at the Washington, DC headquarters office. Interns assist with research and program-related projects, and attend hearings and briefings.
Visits: 780

Ernest F. Hollings Undergraduate Scholarship Program
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Ernest F. Hollings scholarship provides undergraduate awards up to a maximum of eight thousand dollars per year for up to 2 academic years and a paid summer internship at a NOAA facility.
Visits: 157 - Hooking Students Up With Part-Time Jobs   EXIT disclaimer
Finding part-time and seasonal jobs for high school, college and graduate students (Job Search)
Visits: 7458

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