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Coastal Services Magazine
This bimonthly trade publication brings new ideas to coastal resource management programs by profiling the efforts of state, community, and nonprofit coastal programs.

Coastal Connections Newsletter
This bimonthly focuses on one topic per issue and gives readers basic information about how to improve their organization’s performance. Topics range from remote sensing to tips for working with the media.

Products and Services Bulletin
This quarterly e-mail bulletin highlights the newest offerings and initiatives from the NOAA Coastal Services Center.

Fellow News
This quarterly newsletter provides information about the Coastal Management Fellowship Program.

Survey Results

"Residential Docks and Piers: Inventory of Laws, Regulations, and Policies for the New England Region"
This information was compiled to help officials learn from other organizations in the difficult business of regulating docks and piers.

"Coastal Resource Management Customer Survey"
Constituents of the NOAA Coastal Services Center are polled regarding their needs and capabilities.