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FY 2007 HHS Agency Financial Report

The Fiscal Year (FY) 2007 HHS Agency Financial Report represents the accountability report for FY 2007. The performance report and plan, along with a Highlights document, are available at: Among the topics in this report are:

Table of Contents (Full Report)

Section I: Management's Discussion and Analysis
The Management's Discussion and Analysis provides a discussion of HHS' mission and organizational structure; strategic goals and highlights; analysis of financial statements and stewardship information; systems, legal compliance and controls; other management information and initiatives; and management challenges.

Section II: Financial
The Financial section provides a message from the CFO; Office of Inspector General transmittal of the independent auditor’s report; the independent auditor’s reports; the financial statements and notes; required supplementary stewardship information; and required supplementary information.

Section III: Other Accompanying Information
Documentation is provided that includes consolidating and combining statements, information required by law, and Other Accompanying Information.


 Date of Report: November 15, 2007 

Previous Performance and Financial Reports: