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ARL Air Quality and Climatic Data

Local Data Services


Introduction to ARL Local Services

Two primary goals of NOAA's Air Resources Laboratory (ARL) are (1) to improve the forecasting of air quality and atmospheric deposition and (2) to carry out research on climate variability and trends. These goals relate closely to NOAA's mission to describe and predict changes in the Earth's environment. To meet these objectives, ARL must generate meteorological and chemical products and data from several sources:

  • atmospheric predictive models with a large range of temporal and spatial scales;
  • global rawinsonde and ozone measurement data;
  • and regional precipitation chemistry programs.

Much of this data has been put on-line for researchers to further their studies.

Data and Information available from ARL

Meteorological Model Gridded Data Climate Data Precipitation Chemistry Data Atmospheric Tracer Experiment Data

ARL's Relationship to the NOAAServer Project

ARL staff have been active participants in the development of the NOAAServer system to provide NOAA's data to the public in an easy to use format. As a continuing participant in the NOAAServer project, ARL will continue to integrate the NOAAServer interface with our ever increasing array of products.

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