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In August 2001, the President released his agenda for improving the management and performance of government. The guiding principles of the President's Management Agenda are that government should be:

  • citizen-centered, not bureaucracy centered;
  • results-oriented, not process oriented; and
  • market-based, actively promoting innovation through competition.


"This Administration is dedicated to ensuring that the resources entrusted to the federal government are well managed and wisely used. We owe that to the American people."
                        George W. Bush


The Office of Management and Budget has developed a scorecard to show what progress is being made by each agency on the President's Management Agenda.  The scorecard uses a simple "traffic light" system: Green for success; Yellow for mixed results; and Red for unsatisfactory.


"We are not here to mark time, but to make progress to achieve results, and to leave a record of excellence."
                                                           George W. Bush
                                                           October 15, 2001

"SSA will continue seeking innovative ways to provide more efficient and effective service to the millions who depend on us every day." 
                                                           Commissioner Astrue
                                                           May 7, 2008


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