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About us.

What does the Air Resources Laboratory do for the nation?

Laboratory workersThe Air Resources Laboratory (ARL) studies processes and develops models that relate to air quality and climate, concentrating on technology development and transfer relating to the transport, dispersion, transformation and removal of trace gases and aerosols (the exchange between the atmosphere and the surface), and the role of natural variability. The time frame of interest ranges from minutes to that of the global climate.

ARL research is aligned with the four thematic areas of NOAA Research; weather and air quality, coastal and ocean resources, climate, and technology development and transfer, with emphases on homeland security, coastal ecosystems, and arid-zone environments. The specific goal of ARL research is to improve and eventually to institutionalize prediction of air quality, atmospheric deposition, and related variables. ARL operates with research divisions in Idaho Falls, Idaho; Las Vegas, Nevada; Oak Ridge, Tennessee; and Silver Spring, Maryland. In August 2008, the Atmospheric Sciences Modeling Division in Research Triangle Park, NC, formerly a division of the Air Resources Laboratory, became the Atmospheric Modeling Division of the U.S. EPA.

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