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Loansome Doc Article Ordering Service -- Registering

Question: How do I register for Loansome Doc?

During registration, the health sciences library you select to serve as your Loansome Doc provider may require you to contact them. For more information on Loansome Doc providers, see FAQ for finding an ordering library. (

To register with Loansome Doc do the following:

  1. Go to Loansome Doc. (
  2. Select the Sign Up! link.
  3. Read through the registration steps and then click Get Started.
  4. Select your Country of Residence.
  5. U.S. and Canadian residents: select your State/Province.
  6. If you are not affiliated with a specific DOCLINE institution, select the Show only libraries that serve the general public option.
  7. Click the Search for Libraries button to display a list of potential Loansome Doc providers.
  8. Click the blue Select or green Contact button next to the Library you want to serve as your Loansome Doc provider.

    Note: If a library displays a green Contact button, you must call or email them for a required Authorization Code before you can complete the Loansome Doc registration process.

  9. Enter the information requested by your library and click the Continue button.
  10. Read the Loansome Doc Terms of Use, check the box to indicate your acceptance to your library's policies and procedures, and click the Accept button.
  11. Create your Login information by entering your email address.
  12. Create a password.
  13. Enter your address information, document delivery and ordering preferences and click Continue.
  14. Verify your information and click Complete Registration button.

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First published: 01 January 1999
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