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Volunteer service

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National Health Service Corps (NHSC)
NHSC's mission is to assign physicians and other health care providers to serve in communities with shortages of health professionals. The benefits of service can include scholarships and student loan repayment programs.
Visits: 14849

Student Volunteering (US Dept of Veterans Affairs)
The VA voluntary service program allows students to explore health care career options and offers scholarship opportunities to student volunteers. Click on "Living Memories" under "VAVS Products" to read stories from other student volunteers.
Visits: 13693

Volunteer Service in the Federal Government (Office of Personnel Mgmt)
Many federal agencies offer unpaid training opportunities to students in high school and college. These opportunities provide work experience related to your academic program and allows you to explore career options.
Visits: 4382

Volunteer Center (US Dept of Housing and Urban Development)
Healthy communities depend on volunteers - like you! This page from the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) links to different national volunteer programs, federal volunteer programs, and national volunteer clearinghouses.
Visits: 4126

Volunteer Paralegal and Intern Positions (US Dept of Justice)
Are you interested in interning or volunteering as a paralegal for the Dept of Justice? The Environmental and Natural Resources Division under the Dept of Justice offers volunteer paralegal and intern opportunities.
Visits: 3823

Peace Corps
Volunteer with the Peace Corps and make a difference in the global community.
Visits: 3691

Homelessness Resources (US Dept of Housing and Urban Development)
Homelessness is a problem that affects many people in America. If you are homeless yourself and need help or if you want to volunteer to help the homeless, HUD has information for you.
Visits: 3406

Search for volunteer opportunities at any of 13 partner agencies, all in one place! Work in a park, forest, or for the Fish and Wildlife Service, it's all a click away.
Visits: 2966

Job and Volunteer Programs (Natl Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin)
Explore job opportunities within NOAA, and the links to many scholarships, grants, fellowships, volunteer programs, internships, and career resources. Check out their "Teacher at Sea" program!
Visits: 2917

Computers for Learning (US General Services Administration)
Computers for Learning transfers excess computer equipment to schools & nonprofit educational organizations, focusing on those with the greatest need. Apply to receive computers for your school or donate them to CFL through this web site.
Visits: 2398

USA Freedom Corps
Out of the evil of the terrorist attacks, Americans have looked for and found many opportunities to do good. President Bush created the USA Freedom Corps to foster an American culture of service, citizenship & responsibility.
Visits: 1834

Volunteering, Neighborhood Networks (US Dept of Housing and Urban Development)
Get involved! HUD's Neighborhood Networks community technology centers bring digital opportunity and lifelong learning to residents of insured and assisted housing. Check out their volunteer opportunities.
Visits: 1747

America's Literacy Directory - Volunteer Opportunities
America's Literacy Directory can help you find a volunteer opportunity with a literacy program near you. Sponsored by the National Institute for Literacy, the Departments of Education and Labor, and Verizon.
Visits: 1429

Presidential Service Awards (President's Council on Service/Civic Participation)
The President's Volunteer Service Award is given to individuals, businesses, faith-based and other organizations that have demonstrated outstanding volunteer service and civic participation. Find out how to qualify at this site!
Visits: 1262

Earth Team Volunteers (US Dept of Agriculture)
Earth Team, the volunteer arm of the Natural Resources Conservation Service, needs people willing to commit their time and talent to conserving and protecting soil, water, and wildlife for their community and everyone in it.
Visits: 1256

Volunteering, Bureau of Land Management (US Dept of Interior)
Working alone or with a group, BLM volunteers enjoy work that matches their interests and schedules. Some volunteers serve part-time and others enjoy seasonal or full-time positions. Find a volunteer opportunity in any state!
Visits: 1064

Citizen Corps (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
Citizen Corps, a vital component of USA Freedom Corps, was created to help coordinate volunteer activities that will make our communities safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond to any emergency situation. Join now and stay informed!
Visits: 1049

Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)
The mission of the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is to improve the health and safety of communities across the country by organizing and utilizing public health, medical and other volunteers.
Visits: 487

Take Pride in America (US Dept of the Interior)   EXIT disclaimer
It's your land - lend a hand! People just like you volunteer on public lands and waters to make the places we relax, play and visit better for all Americans. You can help too. Plant a garden, pick up litter, or guide visitors at historic sites.
Visits: 437

Lost Titles, Forgotten Rhymes - Library of Congress
Locating a novel, short story, or poem without knowing its title or author can be very difficult. This guide helps you identify literary work with only its plot or subject, or character's name or a unique phrase.
Visits: 109

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