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Benefits Planner
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Your Future Benefits

  Social Security can provide you and eligible members of your family with benefits

Use our planners to help you better understand your Social Security protection as you plan for your financial future. Then use one of our benefit calculators to find out your monthly benefit amounts.


Apply for Benefits Online

You can apply online for Social Security Benefits.

If you want to apply for retirement benefits, disability benefits, or benefits as the spouse of a retired or disabled worker and you meet certain criteria, you can fill out your application online.


Retirement Planner

Use our Retirement Planner to learn
  • how you qualify for Social Security retirement benefits,
  • which members of your family may get benefits based on your earnings record, and
  • how and when you should apply.

You also can use links to outside web sites that discuss other sources of retirement income and post-retirement concerns such as housing, medical care, and leisure activities.


Disability Planner

What if you're disabled before you reach retirement age?
Use our Disability Planner to find out how you and your family may qualify for benefits if you become severely disabled before you qualify for retirement benefits.

Even very young workers may already have earned disability protection.


Survivors Planner

What help is available for survivors?
Use our Survivors Planner
to look at survivors benefits from two sides:
  • how your family members are protected if you die and
  • how you yourself may qualify as a survivor on someone else's Social Security record.

This protection is particularly important for young families with children.


Benefit Calculators

Calculate your own benefits.
Each year, you will receive your personal Social Security Statement, which estimates the monthly benefit amounts you and your family may qualify for now and in the future.

If you already have enough Social Security credits to qualify for benefits, you can use our Retirement Estimator to get a retirement benefit estimate based on current law and real time access to your earnings record. The Retirement Estimator also lets you create additional "what if" retirement scenarios based on current law.

If you want a survivors or disability benefit estimate or you do not already have enough Social Security credits to qualify for benefits, we have other benefit calculators that can estimate your future retirement, disability and survivors benefits.



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