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Social Security has another way to send public information. You can request informational documents from Social Security through SSA's Fax Catalog. Documents include fact sheets about various aspects of Social Security programs, research tables and actuarial reports.


What the Fax Catalog includes

Currently there are 73 documents in the Fax Catalog, distributed in 4 series as follows:

SSA's Fax Catalog includes a complete list of Fax Catalog documents and separate lists for each document series.


How to use it

SSA's Fax Catalog is easy to use. Call the toll-free number, 1-888-475-7000, from a touch tone phone and a voice menu will lead you through the simple steps to receive documents you seek. You can request up to 5 documents each time you call.

When you call, please have ready the telephone number of the fax machine to which you want the documents sent. (Note: The Fax Catalog toll-free number starts with "888," not "800.")

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Last reviewed or modified Friday Jun 20, 2008
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