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Materials Transportation
Regulations, Guidance, and Communication
Package Certification
Shipping Requirements

Materials Transportation Oversight

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How NRC Conducts Its Oversight Program

Safety Requirements

Safety in the shipment of nuclear material is achieved by a combination of factors, including the physical properties of the nuclear material itself, the ruggedness of the container, and the operating procedures applicable to both the transportation package and the vehicle transporting the package.

Materials Shipping Requirements

NRC performs inspections to determine whether transportation package users have taken the appropriate package measurements to ensure radiation levels are not exceeded. NRC inspections also focus on whether casks have been properly inspected for certain specific criteria, such as leak-tightness, that bolts and other equipment are intact, and that the packages are safe for transport.

Safeguards (Security) Requirements

For transportation of spent fuel, NRC performs inspections to determine that the spent fuel is physically protected against radiological sabotage.

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Results of Oversight Program

Reports and Other Documents

Results of our oversight of nuclear materials transportation are documented in NRC inspection reports.

Inspection reports, correspondence, and other information about the performance of fuel cycle facilities are available to the public on the agency's document management system (ADAMS). You can locate fuel cycle facility inspection report by searching for documents with a licensee's name or document number.


As part of our oversight process, NRC issues sanctions called enforcement actions to licensees who violate our regulations. These sanctions may include notices of violation, monetary fines, or orders to modify, suspend, or revoke a license or require specific actions because of a public health issue. See our Enforcement page for more information.

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