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Prepare for college

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SDCollegePrep (South Dakota Board of Regents)
SDCollegePrep is dedicated to helping South Dakota's 7th-12th graders and their families prepare academically, personally, and financially for the opportunity to attend college and succeed.
Visits: 451 - Calculators   EXIT disclaimer
FinAid's custom calculators can help you figure out how much school will cost, how much you need to save and how much aid you'll need. Check out the Cost Projector, Savings Planner, Financial Aid Estimator, and Loan Payment Calculator.
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Mapping Your Future   EXIT disclaimer
Sponsored by a group of federal student loan guaranty agencies, Mapping-Your-Future provides students and parents with information on planning a career, selecting a school, and paying for college.
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The Posse Foundation   EXIT disclaimer
The Posse Foundation identifies, recruits and selects student leaders from public high schools to form multicultural teams called "Posses", which go through an intensive college prep program and receive 4-year scholarships. Learn more here!
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California State University Mentor System    EXIT disclaimer
CSU Mentor is a complete guide to the California State University System's institutions. Plan for college, learn about financial aid, find out which California university is right for you, and apply for aid online.
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Adventures in Education   EXIT disclaimer
This interactive site helps students prepare for and plan their way to college and beyond. From the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corp - but full of valuable information for students and parents everywhere.
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Guide For Adults Returning To College (College Planning)   EXIT disclaimer
More and more adults are heading back to school. This guide will help you answer many questions about the current academic landscape, balancing work and school, and many more topics. A must- read for adults considering college!
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Education Resources from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI)   EXIT disclaimer
CHCI provides great college planning resources, including a College Prep Kit, Parent's Handbook, a directory of national fellowships, internships, & scholarships for Latino youth, and a quarterly newsletter to help families plan for college.
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College Is Possible (American Council on Education)   EXIT disclaimer
America's colleges and universities have come together to provide the latest, best information on preparing for, choosing, and paying for college. With the right help and preparation, college is possible for every American.
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Academics: You can do it! (NAFSAA)   EXIT disclaimer
From financial aid professionals, here is guidance on selecting the right school for you and preparing to apply to college. Don't be afraid to ask for help, and don't rule out your first choice even if it seems like you can't afford it!
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Florida Academic Counseling & Tracking for Students   EXIT disclaimer
Florida's official online student advising system can help high school or college students and their parents prepare for college and make informed choices about their education in Florida. From the Florida Dept of Education.
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KnowHow2GO   EXIT disclaimer
KnowHow2GO provides middle schoolers to adults extensive information on the value of continuing education after high school, how to prepare for college, the myths vs. realities about college and the availability of financial aid for college.
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Choosing Your College Major (   EXIT disclaimer
Need help choosing a college major? The College Board offers tips and advice, and a "Majors Search" tool to help you find colleges with academic programs for your specific interests.
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Parents' Guide - College is Possible (American Council on Education)   EXIT disclaimer
With the right planning, college is possible for everyone! This parents' guide from the American Council on Education will show you 10 important steps you can take to prepare your child.
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Parents' Online Guide to College (Associated Colleges of Illinois)   EXIT disclaimer
Do you know how to find the right college for your child? ACI's Parents' Guide is designed to help families - especially families sending a child to college for the first time - find and fund the right college for every child.
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Measuring Up 2006 - State by State Higher Education Report Card   EXIT disclaimer
The second biennial state-by-state report card for higher education grades states on their performance in 5 categories and shows changes since the 2002 report. From the non-partisan Natl Center for Public Policy & Higher Education.
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Common Application (National Association of Secondary School Principals)    EXIT disclaimer
The Common Application is a non-profit organization that provides students and member institutions with an admission application-online and in print-that students may submit to any of nearly 300 colleges.
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Smart Money - College Planning (a Wall Street Journal publication)   EXIT disclaimer
Smart Money, from the Wall Street Journal, offers resources to help students and families calculate costs and save for college.
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Financial Aid Calculators (   EXIT disclaimer
Figure out how to pay for college, manage your budget, or repay your student loans with these online calculators designed for students and parents.
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Adult Student Center (Norman Davies Group)   EXIT disclaimer
Going back to school after some time away? The Adult Student Center provides advice and guidance to adult students for the whole process - from choosing a school, to finding financial aid, to polishing your study skills.
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