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State financial aid

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DC Tuition Assistance Grant Program,a,1226,q,536770,seoNav_GID,1510.asp
Attention DC Residents! Take advantage of the Washington DC tuition grant program. Receive tuition subsidies to attend any public college in the US, any historically black college, or any private college in the DC metropolitan area.
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Washington DC College Savings Plan
Learn how to save for college and the value of starting early. If you're a DC resident, this web site offers you a wealth of information and directions on how to enroll in a 529 college savings plan.
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DC Financial Aid (Washington DC State Education Office),A,1225,Q,557518,seoNav_GID,1511.asp
The DC State Education Office provides a variety of resources to help DC students find financial aid for higher education at a college or university. Find out what's available to you and apply online at this web site.
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District of Columbia College Access Program (DC CAP)   EXIT disclaimer
Non-profit DC-CAP encourages and enables DC public high school students to enter and graduate from college by providing them with financial aid assistance, counseling & support services, education planning, and application assistance.
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Greater Washington DC College Info Ctr (Consortium of Universities, Wash Metro)   EXIT disclaimer
The Greater Washington DC College Info Center was created to encourage and support the educational and career development of students & families. If you're a DC resident interested in college, check here! A public/private partnership.
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Sites 1 - 5 of 5

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