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3.  Automated GSA Internal Fleet Vehicle Fuel Reporting System Process:

After fueling the vehicle, the GSA employee or individual authorized to drive a GSA agency internal fleet vehicle can choose how to report the fueling information.  The information may be transmitted via a toll-free telephone number or logged in via computer to the website. 

There are several ways to accomplish recording the fuel information until you have the availability and safety to telephone the data in or log into a computer.  Here are some practical suggestions:




a.         Telephone Reporting:  For each step, the Automated GSA Internal Fleet Vehicle Fuel Reporting System repeats back the information provided to ensure the data is correct and requests confirmation from the caller by asking to press 1 on the telephone key pad for Yes and press 2 if Incorrect.  If incorrect, correct the information for this Step.  The System will again request confirmation from the caller before proceeding to the next step.

Following steps are for Telephone Reporting:

Step1Place the Call and Press 1 for Fuel Report.                                                                                                        A toll-free number is provided for convenience and ease (1-877-343-6468).   When the call is placed, the individual is led through a series of prompts to solicit the following information:

Step 2Vehicle Tag Number.                                                                                                   (Enter Tag number, press #)  The system will verify the tag number against the GSA Fleet active vehicle database.  

Step 3. Mileage

(Enter Only the Rounded Vehicle Mileage, press #) 

Step 4. Number of Gallons.                                                                                         (Enter Only the Whole Number of Gallons Fueled, press #) 

Step 5. Type of Fuel                                                                                                                                   (Enter Type of Fuel, for Alternative press 1, press #; for Gasoline press 2, press #; for Diesel press 3, press #) 

Step 6.  When call is completed, disconnect.


b.         Compliance with State and Local Safety Requirements

All employees must comply with state and/or local restrictions regarding the use of electronic devices near fueling stations.  If such use of cell phones is prohibited at the fueling site, employees must exit the fueling area prior to transmitting the required information.


c.         Computer Fuel Reporting:  The employee can choose to record the fuel information on the Automated GSA Internal Fleet Vehicle Fuel Reporting System located at ( -, Agency Sites: General Services Administration (GSA), GSA Internal Fleet (FLEET)

Following steps are for Computer Fuel Reporting:

Step 1On the Computer – Internet Brower address for the Reporting site is:

Step 2.  Enter your GSA email address your

Step 3.  Enter Tag Number (Enter the vehicle tag number, press enter key)

Step 4.  Enter Mileage (Enter Only the Rounded Vehicle Mileage, press enter key) 

Step 5.  Enter Whole Number of Gallons Purchased (Enter whole number, press enter key)

Step 6.  Enter Type of Fuel (From the Selections, choose the type of fuel received, press enter key)

Step 7.  Click the Save icon.

Step 8.  Exit the program.