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US Marine Corps
The official U.S. Marine Corps site organizes information and resources for you based on your age and educational level, from high school to college graduate. Discover what is available to help you meet your career goals.
Visits: 6736

ROTC, US Air Force
Interested in becoming an officer in the US Air Force? This website provides timely information about Air Force ROTC and money that's available for attending college.
Visits: 5743

Information regarding the Navy`s ROTC program, including scholarship information.
Visits: 5417

This site includes an overview of Army ROTC, scholarship information, school searches, incentive programs, and details on the Army ROTC Nurse Officer Program.
Visits: 5004

Recruiting, Air National Guard
Visit this site to learn about the Air National Guard's history and heritage, career opportunities, and the federal and state benefits it offers to unit members and their families, including tuition assistance.
Visits: 3877

US Air Force Academy
Homepage gateway for admissions to the US Air Force Academy.
Visits: 3085

Army Reserve
Recruitment information on the Army Reserves including the requirements, benefits, and contact info.
Visits: 2954

Army University Access Online (AUAO)
Army University Access Online (GoArmyEd) offers learning to service members anytime, anywhere. It provides eligible soldiers with access to over 3000 online courses.
Visits: 2333

United States Naval Academy
Established in 1845, the Naval Academy is the undergraduate college for the Navy that prepares young men and women to become professional officers in the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.
Visits: 2064

Recruiting, US Air Force Reserves
The Air Force Reserve contributes daily to the Air Force mission and is actively involved in Air Force operations around the world. Learn more about Air Force missions and jobs, benefits, basic training, and Reserve life.
Visits: 2002

US Naval Reserve Recruiting
The Navy Reserve is a force of highly trained men and women available to meet the expanded needs of the regular Navy. Learn more about its mission on this site, as well as information on enlistment.
Visits: 1969

Reserve Affairs, Ofc of Secretary of Defense (US Dept of Defense)
Interested in joining the Reserves or just want to know more? This site gives information on issues such as reserve family benefits, education, healthcare, and mobilization.
Visits: 1944

US Army, Recruiting
Are you interested in joining the U.S. Army? This site contains information on how you can join the Army. You can find a recruiter in your area and look up the different opportunities the Army offers.
Visits: 1864

US Army Judge Advocate Recruiting
The Judge Advocate General's Corps is our nation's oldest law firm, playing a critical role in the defense of our nation. The JAG Corps provides opportunities to serve your country and pursue a legal career, including summer internship programs.
Visits: 1681

US Coast Guard Home Page
In peacetime and during war, the Coast Guard is at work around the clock, 365 days a year, patrolling shores, saving lives, protecting property and enhancing the flow of commerce.
Visits: 1675

US Coast Guard & Coast Guard Reserve Recruiting
Recruitment information on the U.S. Coast Guard and the Coast Guard Reserves, including eligibility requirements, the benefits of enlisting, and contact information.
Visits: 1626

US Navy Recruiting
The U.S. Navy wants to show you how to accelerate your life. Find out about joining the Navy to get an education, job skills, and build character. Serve your country and help yourself.
Visits: 1491

US Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA)
The USMMA prepares you for a bachelor of science degree, a merchant marine license, and an appointment as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Armed Forces.
Visits: 1223

US Army Recruiting - en Espanol
LOS BENEFICIOS DEL ARMY pueden empezar para ti hoy mismo y durar el resto de su vida. Algunos de ellos no tienen precio. Otros valen dinero en efectivo. Visita esta pagina para hablar con un reclutador del ejercito.
Visits: 1085

El Navy - U.S. Navy Hispanic Recruitment
The Navy's recruiting site aimed at Hispanic- Americans is available in both English and Spanish. Learn about the Navy tradition and the opportunities available to you, and read about other Hispanic-Americans who have served.
Visits: 417

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