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Federal Agency Educational Resources (US Dept of Education)
This page from the U.S. Department of Education provides links to educational resources sponsored by other federal agencies across the government.
Visits: 9201

US House of Representatives
Get in touch with your Representative, and learn about the history, the rules, and the committee system of the U.S. House of Representatives.
Visits: 7112

United States Senate
Connect with your U.S. Senators! In addition, the Senate's official Web site provides historical information, explains how the Senate works, and gives information about the various committees.
Visits: 4271

Passport Services and Information (US Dept of State)
The Department of State's Passport Services Office provides information and services to American citizens about how to obtain, replace or change a passport. Get information and forms at this web site.
Visits: 3873

Supreme Court of the United States
The official web site of the U.S. Supreme Court. Learn about the court, read about pending and decided cases, read legal opinions, even plan a visit.
Visits: 3207

ParkNet (National Park Service)
This National Park Service site provides information about national parks and historic places, along with maps, descriptions, photos, and guides to famous and some not-so-famous places.
Visits: 3071

White House (US Executive Branch)
Welcome to the White House, the home of America's Presidents. This site offers news, policy outlines, and major speeches along with other information from the President, Vice-President and First Lady.
Visits: 2963

Treasury Investing Online (US Dept of the Treasury)
Check out investment options with the US Government! Buy savings bonds and T-Bills or learn more about protected securities. Here you will find safe, flexible investment options to meet your needs.
Visits: 2914

The President's Cabinet (US Executive Branch)
The President's Cabinet -- the Department Secretaries and the federal agencies they run -- administer our America's federal programs, from agriculture policy to veterans' affairs. This page contains all direct links for easy access.
Visits: 2720

Directory of US Federal Government Agencies
A list of U.S. federal agencies on the internet, from LA State University.
Visits: 2483

US Post Office Online
This post office is open 24/7. Find the zip code you need, locate the nearest post office, track and confirm deliveries, buy stamps online and change your address with the Mover's Guide! The government has made it easier to get things done.
Visits: 2292

US Forest Service Home Page
Visit the US Forest Service home page and check out information on national forests and wetlands throughout the U.S.
Visits: 2107

USA Services (US General Services Admin)
Get answers here! USA Services handles millions of inquiries about federal programs, benefits, or services from citizens who need answers from the federal government. By phone or online - pick your favorite way to get out of the government maze!
Visits: 2101

Legislative Branch Internet Resources (US Library of Congress)
This page of links from Thomas Legislative Information (part of the Library of Congress) provides internet access to the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, as well as all Legislative Branch support agencies.
Visits: 1737

Emergencies & Crises Abroad (US Dept of State)
Find out how the State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs can help you and other Americans caught in a disaster or a crisis abroad, plus links to a wide variety of other useful information for Americans traveling overseas.
Visits: 1259

Congressional Pictorial Directory (US Government Printing Office)
Are you looking for pictures of Congressional representatives and other U.S. government officials? This photobook by the Government Printing Office may be browsed by alphabetically or by state.
Visits: 1151

VA HyperFAQ (US Dept of Veterans Affairs)
Get the info you need from the VA, quickly! The HyperFAQ system asks you just a few questions about the information you want, and then directs you to VA web sites that can answer your questions.
Visits: 1105

Hurricane Katrina Info for Students & Parents (US Dept of Education)
Get help here for students and parents whose schools or families have been affected by Hurricane Katrina. Important info, links, and questions & answers, from the office of Federal Student Aid (FSA).
Visits: 963

Hurricane Recovery Portal (
Find family, shelter/housing, other help, or volunteer to help with the recovery effort - this central page puts links to the important federal and state government resources and info you need together in one place.
Visits: 951

Social Security Online (US Social Security Administration)
The official website of the Social Security Administration. Get answers here to questions about how to apply for, replace, correct, or change your name on your Social Security card.
Visits: 692

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