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Student taxes

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Tax Guide For Students (IRS)
A comprehensive resource to assist you in understanding your obligations as a taxpayer and a student. Includes information about tax forms, filing returns, and much more.
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Tax Incentives for Higher Education (IRS Notice 97-60),,id=96341,00.html
Questions and answers from the Internal Revenue Service about the Hope Scholarship and the Lifetime Learning Credit, deductions for student loan interest, and info about creating Education Individual Retirement Accounts.
Visits: 6116

Tax Benefits for Work-Related Educational Expenses (Internal Revenue Service)
This publication from the Internal Revenue discusses work-related educational expenses that may be deductible as business expenses and income exclusions for employer-provided educational assistance benefits.
Visits: 4796

Tax Benefits for Higher Education (Internal Revenue Service)
Footing the costs of higher education for yourself or your family? This IRS publication explains tax benefits that may be available to you. Explains all tax credits and tax treatment of seven types of education benefits.
Visits: 4678

IRS Free File (Internal Revenue Service),,id=118986,00.html
Free File is an online tax preparation and electronic filing program that is free for qualified taxpayers. Find out if you qualify and get started right away.
Visits: 3338

Tax Exemptions, Standard Deductions & Filing Information (Publication 501)
This publication discusses basic tax rules and answers some basic questions: who must file; who should file; what filing status to use; how many exemptions to claim; and much more.
Visits: 2842

IRS e-file Using a Tax Professional (Internal Revenue Service),,id=118449,00.html
Questions and answers about filing your federal income tax return electronically using an authorized IRS e-file Provider: tax preparers approved by IRS to transmit tax return information to IRS electronically.
Visits: 1385

Withholding Calculator (Internal Revenue Service),,id=96196,00.html
The purpose of the IRS Withholding Calculator is to help you insure ensure that you do not have too much or too little income tax withheld from your pay.
Visits: 1158

Tax Forms and Publications (Internal Revenue Service)
When you're armed with the correct instructions, the right forms and all the pertinent publications, your filing problems will be a lot less taxing. Helpful information from the IRS.
Visits: 888

Where's My Refund? (Internal Revenue Service),,id=96596,00.html
You filed your tax return and you're expecting a refund. You have just one question and you want the answer now - Where's My Refund? This secure IRS web site can tell you if the IRS received your return & whether your refund was sent to you.
Visits: 723

IRS e-file (Internal Revenue Service)
With IRS e-file, you can prepare and electronically file your tax return from home using your personal computer, tax preparation software and a modem. Start here to learn more about your options.
Visits: 682

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