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Nursing Information (US Bureau of Health Professions)
A great resource for anyone considering a career in nursing. Find information about education and practice grants, the Nursing Scholarship Program, and the Nursing Education Loan Repayment Program here.
Visits: 36262

Occupational Outlook Handbook (US Dept of Labor)
The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a nationally recognized source of career information, designed to provide valuable assistance to individuals making decisions about their future work lives. An excellent resource for career planning.
Visits: 22994

CareerOneStop - Learner's Page
Find out how education and training can help you reach your career goals! Find the best training, explore distance learning, find funding for school costs, and evaluate comprehensive career and occupation data. A state/federal partnership.
Visits: 17099

Federal Jobs by Major (Office of Personnel Management)
To help you choose the right career field in government, OPM has prepared a table that groups Federal jobs often filled by college graduates with appropriate academic majors. Valuable information for a career in government.
Visits: 13096

Career Voyages (US Dept of Labor & US Dept of Education)
This site provides detailed career information with a focus on high-growth industries and high- demand occupations, including the skills, training, and education needed. Videos and the Career Compass help navigate your career voyage.
Visits: 5757

NASA For Students (Natl Aeronautics & Space Administration)
What is The Great Moonbuggy Race? Find out at NASA's Students Page! Filled with multimedia, interactive features, and fascinating facts, plus NASA competitions, internships, careers, scholarships, current research, and much more.
Visits: 5669

Careers (US Dept of Labor)
Interested in a government service career with the Department of Labor? Explore the wide range of career opportunities available there. This page gives you a great overview of DOL careers and the federal hiring process.
Visits: 4146

Military Career Guide Online
You can use this Military Career Guide to search for a list of military occupations that match your interests, or you may browse occupations by category. An excellent resource to learn about the career opportunities offered in the military!
Visits: 3700

Employment and Training Fact Sheets (US Dept of Labor)
The Dept of Labor Fact Sheets describe programs, services, and benefits available to employed, unemployed, and dislocated workers of all ages. Includes government-supported training, back-to- work, apprenticeships, grant programs, and more.
Visits: 3411

Exploring Career Information from Bureau of Labor Statistics (US Dept of Labor)
Not sure what career you want to pursue? You're not alone. Get information on job opportunities related to your interests that you may not have thought of with this personalized tool from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Visits: 3080

America's Career InfoNet (US Dept of Labor)
Smart career decisions start here! ACINet is your gateway to career development and employment, from the U.S. Department of Labor. Links to valuable state level information, as well.
Visits: 3067

FBI Jobs (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
On, find out if an exciting career with the FBI is right for you. Explore career paths or search for jobs - FBIjobs is a one-stop source for information about working for the FBI.
Visits: 2214

NYMentor (NY State Higher Education Services Corp)
NYMentor is a free service of NY State that helps students plan and prepare for college. Learn about NY colleges and financial aid programs, choose a school, and get answers to your questions here.
Visits: 2175

State Department for Students (US Dept of State)
Explore the world of democracy and learn about civil or foreign service careers at the State Department. This site can help you increase your understanding of international issues and events and the mission of the U.S. Department of State.
Visits: 2077

Women Enterpreneurship in the 21st Century
The growth of women entrepreneurs is one of the most remarkable features of the American economy as more and more women launch businesses. This website offers key resources, information, online programs, and networking opportunities.
Visits: 1864

Transportation Education and Careers (US Dept of Transportation)
The U.S. Department of Transportation can help you explore careers in transportation. You can also search for federal job openings in various transportation agencies and offices within the federal government.
Visits: 1669 (US Small Business Admin)
The official business link to the U.S. government-direct entry to compliance information, forms, & assistance when you need it. A great resource for those whose career paths may lead to going into business for themselves.
Visits: 1619

Aviation and Space Careers (US Federal Aviation Admin)
If you're interested in a career in aviation or space, check out this helpful site from the FAA, which will help you search for a job with the FAA or learn more about the types of careers available in the aviation field.
Visits: 1214

Federal Citizen Info Center--Employment Publications
View the best employment-related federal consumer publications online, for free, or purchase printed copies at the online ordering site. Brought to you by the U.S. General Services Administration.
Visits: 1195

Federal Archeology Program (US Dept of Interior)
A wealth of resources about public archeology projects in the U.S. sponsored by federal, tribal and state or local governments. Find volunteer opportunities, career information, online exhibits, and much more!
Visits: 1148

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