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Graduate students

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Humanities Grant Information - Natl Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)
Find out how to apply for a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities, an independent grant-making agency of the U.S. government dedicated to supporting research, education, and public programs in the humanities.
Visits: 116298

Student Opportunities (Central Intelligence Agency)
The CIA offers student opportunities: undergrad student internships; co-ops; & grad studies programs. If you want to work with highly skilled professionals to support US officials who make our foreign policy, the CIA is looking for you.
Visits: 31999

Funding Opportunities from the Natl Science Foundation
The National Science Foundation promotes and advances scientific progress in the U.S. by competitively awarding funding for research and education in the sciences, mathematics, and engineering. Search for NSF opportunities here.
Visits: 23532

Fulbright Program (US Dept of State)
The Fulbright Program aims to bring a little more knowledge, a little more reason, and a little more compassion into world affairs and thereby to increase the chance that nations will learn at last to live in peace and friendship.
Visits: 16682

Loan Repayment Programs (Natl Institutes of Health)
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) offers numerous tuition loan repayment programs for health professionals and graduate students. This site provides links to those programs and describes the application process.
Visits: 10530

Jacob K. Javits Fellowship Program (US Dept of Education)
This program provides grants and leadership opportunities for students wishing to conduct research and enhance the ability of elementary and secondary schools to meet the special educational needs of gifted and talented students.
Visits: 10234

James Madison Fellowships
Are you planning to be a teacher? The James Madison Memorial Foundation, an independent agency of the federal government, offers fellowships to help individuals like you become outstanding teachers of the American Constitution.
Visits: 9604

Graduate Research Fellowships (Natl Science Foundation)
The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship provides three years of support for graduate study leading to research-based master's or doctoral degrees to a cadre of diverse students at the early stages of their graduate study. Learn more here!
Visits: 9102

Graduate Student Fellowships/Grants (Natl Science Foundation)
The NSF offers a list of programs that provide funding for graduate-level students or that focus on educational developments for grad students such as curricula development, training or retention.
Visits: 6840 (US Dept of Health & Human Services) is a single access point for federal grant programs for academia and research institutions, state and local governments, non- profits, and more. Find and apply online for competitive grant opportunities.
Visits: 6306

Public Health Training Opportunities (Centers for Disease Control)
The Centers for Disease Control are looking for smart, ambitious people for various public health training programs. If you are in college, have recently graduated or are currently working in the public health arena, they have a place for you.
Visits: 5754

Grants and Fellowships, AHRQ (US Dept of Health and Human Services)
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality at the Dept of Health and Human Services offers a number of grants and fellowships for research aimed at promoting improvements in clinical and health system practices.
Visits: 5532

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (General Services Administration)
Looking for information on Federal, state and local research/project grants? This is the place to learn more about many kinds of federal grants, payments, and other awards to governments, institutions, and individuals.
Visits: 4920

White House Fellows Program (US Executive Branch)
White House Fellowships offer outstanding young Americans the chance to participate in the daily business of governing our nation. America's most prestigious program for leadership and public service.
Visits: 3986

Saul T. Wilson Scholarship Program (US Dept of Agriculture)
Learn about the Saul T. Wilson Scholarship program for graduate students in veterinary medicine and undergrad students in the biomedical sciences. Sponsored by the USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (PDF file).
Visits: 3784

Office of University Partnerships (US Dept of Housing and Urban Development)
OUP offers funding and research opportunities to encourage and expand the efforts of institutions of higher education and urban scholars who are working with community groups to try to make a difference in their communities.
Visits: 3116

Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation Awards
The grant programs of the Christopher Columbus Foundation encourage and support research, study and labor by recognizing pioneering individuals and programs that produce new discoveries in all fields.
Visits: 2765

GrantsNet (US Dept of Health & Human Services)
GrantsNet is a search tool created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for finding and exchanging information about HHS and selected other federal research grant programs.
Visits: 2765

Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship (Nat'l Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin)
Dr. Nancy Foster scholarships provides support and encouragement for independent, graduate-level research in oceanography, marine biology, or maritime archaeology, particularly for women and members of minority groups.
Visits: 1778

Fellowships in International Studies (Library of Congress)
International Studies fellowships at the Library of Congress provide support for postdoctoral study of the histories and cultures of other nations-- through their own languages--using the foreign language collections of the Library of Congress.
Visits: 1464

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