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International students

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US Network for Education Information (US Dept of Education)
USNEI presents basic information about education in the U.S. for students who wish to study in the U.S. and links to many sources of information for U.S. students who wish to study abroad.
Visits: 18611

Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (US Dept of State)
The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs provides numerous resources to foster mutual understanding through international education and training. This page contains links to all State Department programs and exchanges.
Visits: 6378

Visitor and Student Visas (US Dept of State)
This State Department site gives information on how to apply for visitor and student visas. Find out about the application process and important information you need to know before you apply. An important resource for international students.
Visits: 5898

The Fulbright Commission
The Fulbright Commission was established in 1948 to promote and support educational exchange between the United Kingdom and the United States. Discover many resources for academic study in the US or the UK and the European Community (EU).
Visits: 3827

educationUSA (US Dept of State)
If you want to study in the US, educationUSA is your guide to U.S. higher education, with a global network of 450+ advising & info centers in 170 countries actively promoting U.S. higher education around the world. Locate the center nearest you!
Visits: 3215

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program (US Dept of State)
The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program brings accomplished mid-level professionals from Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Eurasia to the U.S. for a year of study and professional experience.
Visits: 2664

Learning English (British Broadcasting Corporation)
The BBC has created a wonderful site where you can learn English through music, sports, and current events. A valuable resource.
Visits: 2448

International Visiting Fellowships, Natl Inst of Justice (US Dept of Justice)
The NIJ International Visiting Fellowship Program supports criminal justice professionals and researchers of other nations for conducting research or program development activities on international criminal justice issues.
Visits: 1816 (US Dept of State) is an authoritative resource for foreign audiences seeking information about American society, political processes, official U.S. policies and culture - from the U.S. Department of State.
Visits: 1759

International Travel Information (US Dept of State)
Your official information center for U.S. citizens traveling internationally or seeking passports, U.S. travel visas for foreign citizens, international adoptions, family issues, and much more. From the U.S. Department of State.
Visits: 1478

Study in the U.S. (
Official information and services from the U.S. government for students from outside the U.S. who want to come here to study. From, the official portal to the U.S. government, so you know the links and info are authoritative.
Visits: 1248

Traveler Information (US Customs & Border Protection)
Things to know before you travel! This U.S. Customs and Border Protection web site provides an overview of the federal regulations and procedures that apply to travelers entering or exiting the United States.
Visits: 551

International Education Financial Aid (IEFA)   EXIT disclaimer
International Education Financial Aid ( offers a free searchable database of scholarships specifically for international students wishing to study in a foreign country.
Visits: 6879

NAFSA: Association of International Educators   EXIT disclaimer
NAFSA promotes the exchange of students and scholars to and from the United States through its member academic institutions. Check out NAFSA's Students page for advice and resources to help international and U.S. study abroad students.
Visits: 4326

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)   EXIT disclaimer
The TOEFL program provides English proficiency testing services for international students planning to study in the United States, Canada, or other countries where English is the academic language. This is the official web site.
Visits: 2366

The Smart Student's Guide to Studying in the US (EduPass)   EXIT disclaimer
Get up-to-date info about everything an international student needs to know about studying and living in the U.S. EduPass covers every topic, from college admissions and financial aid to culture shock and clothing sizes.
Visits: 1188

Youth for Understanding (YFU)    EXIT disclaimer
YFU is a non-profit educational organization which offers opportunities for students around the world to spend a summer, semester, or year with a host family in another culture.
Visits: 983

Center for Global Education (Gallaudet University)   EXIT disclaimer
The CGE's mission is to promote global awareness by joining Gallaudet & foreign students to the global & American Deaf communities, and provide firsthand exposure to diversity through a variety of experiences throughout the world.
Visits: 548

World Federation of the Deaf (WFD)   EXIT disclaimer
WFD is an international, non-profit association working to promote human rights, education, and opportunity for deaf people around the world.
Visits: 498

Center for Global Partnership (Gallaudet University)   EXIT disclaimer
The CGP's mission is to promote collaboration and dialogue between Japanese and U.S. citizens on a wide range of issues, with the goal of improving bilateral relations and fulfilling shared global responsibilities.
Visits: 348

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