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New Guide Published on Rights-of-Way Alterations August 31, 2007


cover of Accessible Public Rights-of-Way: Planning and Designing for Alterations A new design guide on achieving accessibility in alterations projects involving public streets and sidewalks is now available. Accessible Public Rights-of-Way: Planning and Designing for Alterations, published by the Institute of Transportation Engineers with support from the Board, explains how to maximize accessibility in the course of alterations through careful planning, an understanding of current regulations and access criteria, and strategies for negotiating constraints. The guide outlines and illustrates 25 design solutions, models sidewalks by right-of-way width, and includes case studies and other resources. This information was developed by a group of former members of the Board's Public Rights-of-Way Access Advisory Committee (PROWAAC), which prepared recommendations for the Board's use in developing new guidelines for public rights-of-ways. In the course of its work, the Committee determined that guidance specific to alterations was needed as a supplement to future guidelines.

Other guidance material is available on the public rights-of-way homepage.