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Health Education Program

- IHS Patient Education Protocols & Codes -

  14th Edition, January 2008:

The Indian Health Service’s Patient Education Protocols and Codes (PEPC) are to be used to standardize the documentation of patient education encounters and from one health professional to another. Using these codes allows for the analysis of aggregate data and measurement of program effectiveness.

Volume 1 of the Patient Education manual contains the information you need to know when you document Patient Education about a patient.

Volume 2 of the Patient Education manual contains the protocols and codes for patient education, what protocols changed, and the index of the protocols.


Below are each of the codes found in the 2008 Patient Education Protocols and Codes manual individually listed for quick reference:

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Select the topic from the drop-down list that you would like displayed, and then click the Select button. All files are in PDF format.


   Below is the 2005 Patient and Family Education Protocols and Codes manual divided into discipline specific manuals. Each of these manuals provide the codes unique to each discipline:

  • Administrative Codes (PDF - 1,600KB)

  • Behavioral Health Codes (PDF - 2,200KB)

  • Dental, Optometry, and Physical Therapy Codes (PDF - 1,900KB)

  • Emergency Room Codes (PDF - 3,500KB)

  • Inpatient Codes (PDF - 2,300KB)

  • Internal Medicine Codes (PDF - 3,800KB)

  • Medical Nutrition Therapy (PDF - 3,700KB)

  • Obstetrics (PDF - 3,000KB)

  • Pediatrics (PDF - 3,000KB)

  • Pharmacy Codes (PDF - 2,700KB)

  • Public Health Nursing (PDF - 3,600KB)

  • Surgery and Anesthesia Codes (PDF - 2,200KB)

    Patient Education and Protocols and Codes (PEPC) Pamphlets

  • Full List of 2007 Codes (PDF - 2,200KB)

  • Diabetes Codes for 2007 (PDF - 209KB)

  • CRS-PEPC Codes for 2007 (PDF - 236KB)

  • Behavioral Health Codes for 2007 (PDF - 174KB)

  • Pediatric Codes for 2007 (PDF - 162KB)

  • Prenatal/Perinatal Codes (PDF - 261KB)

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