Electronic Records Archives (ERA)

Electronic Records Archives (ERA)

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ERA is the National Archives and Records Administration's strategic initiative to preserve and provide long-term access to uniquely valuable electronic records of the U.S. Government, and to transition government-wide management of the lifecycle of all records into the realm of e-government.

An ERA Milestone

Washington, DC…Archivist of the United States Allen Weinstein announced today the launch of a major initiative which lays the foundation for preserving electronic and all other records generated by the government and providing public access to them. The Initial Operating Capability of the National Archives Electronic Records Archives (ERA) is the beginning of far-reaching changes in the management of U.S. government records.
For more information, see the press release.

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Building the Archives of the Future Video

Link to ERA contract award press video * Windows Media Player
[run time: 6.25 minutes]

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Copies of the ERA video are available for presentation to interested groups or organizations. Please contact the ERA program office at era.program@nara.gov or by calling 301-837-0740 for more information.

The Electronic Records Archives (ERA) will:

  • Provide a means for NARA to take in, preserve, and provide continued access to electronic records created by three branches of the U.S. Federal government;

  • Make it easier for U.S. government agencies and NARA to conduct business and to pool critical information quickly to make important decisions; and

  • Provide NARA researchers with electronic records they can read on computer systems now in use, and on systems yet to come.
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