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For general help or
information, contact
the Help Desk:

(505) 248-4371 or
(888) 830-7280

email our staff at

The IHS Help Desk web site is your first stop in resolving IT related problems.

The IHS Help Desk can assist with issues related to Resource Patient Management System
(R P M S), Enterprise Technology Services (E T S), National Patient Information Reporting System
(N P I R S), Internet or Intranet web sites (W E B), List Serv (L I S T S E R V), and Web Board
(F O R U M).

As of August 2006 Network Services (formerly WAN) are now provided by the Network Operations Security Center (N O S C).  They may be contacted at  (702) 562-8201.  The support website for the NOSC is

The OIT LAN team has changed its name to appropriately describe the support they provide. The new name is Enterprise Technology Services (ETS). Starting Monday August 21, 2006 support from Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) under the Infrastructure, Office Automation & Telecommunications (IOAT) program must be handled through the IHS Help Desk.

IHS Help Desk Contact Information:
Toll Free: 1-888-830-7280
Albuquerque/NM Local: 1-505-248-4371

For all calls or e-mails please provide:

Ø       Your name
Ø       Site/Facility/Area
Ø       Phone number

In Addition…

If RPMS related:
     o        application name and version number
     o        option(s) you were using when the problem occurred
     o        brief description of the problem you're having
     o        steps taken to troubleshoot the problem
If ETS related:
     o        Description of the problem
     o        Troubleshooting performed prior to call
     o        Operating System Version
     o        Application Version
     o        Hardware Model
     o        Contact information
     o        # of users affected
     o        Description of urgency/criticality
If NPIRS related:
     o        report
     o        version number
If WEB related:
     o        web site URL and section
     o        brief description of the problem you're having
If LISTSERV related:
     o        list serv name
     o        first and last name, and email address
     o        brief description of the problem you're having
If FORUM related:
     o        web board name
     o        username, first and last name, and email address
     o        brief description of the problem you're having

Tiered Services – Organizational Structure:

Please follow the tiered structure below when obtaining support.

      First, contact local clinic or hospital I T resources. Second, contact Area Office help desk. Third, contact I H S Help Desk.

Services Provided:

  • Business Hours: 6:00 am – 6:00 pm Mountain Time
  • Incident numbers assigned – This simplifies tracking and follow-up of issues.
  • Knowledge Base – Similar problems can be looked up to speed up resolution times.
  • Monitoring – Incidents will be monitored to assure timeframes are met.
  • Escalation – Issues with overdue time frames will be elevated to management automatically.
  • First Call Resolution - Dedicated technicians available to resolve issues on first call.
  • Acknowledgement of Incident - Technicians will promptly acknowledge receipt of incident and notify customer the plan for resolution. E-mails or voice mail received after hours will be acknowledged within 2 hours of next business day.
  • Abandoned Customer Calls - Technicians will try to contact customer twice before abandoning an incident.
  • Website – Useful information about outages, services, FAQs, and other information will be available.
  • Polite and Helpful - Technicians will perform work with a professional and helpful attitude.
  • Communication of outages - Customer notification via broadcast messages 72 hours prior to a planned outage. Notification of unexpected outages broadcasted within 15 min after outage is identified.
  • Workload data will be collected and used for planning purposes.
  • Monthly usage reports can be sent to Area ISCs upon request.
Urgency of Calls:

Critical: System or site is down – more than 10 users affected. Severe impact on business operations.
Urgent: Problem exists with operations functioning - production is degraded.
Important: Issue which does not have significant productivity impact for the customer.
Issue: Requiring no further action beyond monitoring and/or follow-up.
Closed: Issue/problem solved. No further action required.

Response Times:

Severity Response Time Resolution Time Customer Updates
Critical < 30 min < 4 hours Every 4 hours
Urgent < 4 hours < 8 hours Daily
Important < 1 day < 2 days Every 3 days
Issue < 2 days < 1 week Weekly

Escalation Process:

Incidents with overdue time frames will be automatically elevated to the appropriate Project Officer or Manager. In urgent circumstances, customers may request Management be notified immediately.

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