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Welcome to GSA's FIPS 201 Evaluation Program site.

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  1. View recent News/Announcements.(Get Info Day Slides)
  2. Submit a product or service for evaluation. You will need to obtain a login before you can submit a product or service.
  3. FIPS 201 Evaluation Program Lists
  4. Get Information on the Fee Structure for the Evaluation Program.
  5. Learn about current labs.
  6. Contact us.
  7. Obtain a login.
  8. Download the Evaluation Program Test Tools.
  9. Evaluation Program Technical Working Group (EPTWG).
  10. View Frequently Asked Questions
  11. Agencies only---Submit PIV card for data container test.
      Product/Services Category List

      Evaluation Program CONOPS

      Requirements Traceability Matrix

      Acquisition Process

      Card to Reader Interop Guideline

      Agency APL Verification List

      Suppliers Handbook

Lab Documentation

Forms and Templates

Approval Procedures

Test Procedures

Special Publications

Supporting Documents


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