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The Planning Committee wishes to thank everyone
who attended the 2006 Training Conference.

Following is a list of attendees:

Altenhofen, Jane - NLRB
Archibald, Sandi - SSA
Baptiste, Antonio - Comm. Futures Trading
Bates, Carol - Acting IG Corp Nat'l & Comm Svs
Bernstein, Sheldon - Endowment for the Humanities
Bialek, Mark - Envirn. Protection Agency
Black, Patricia - Federal Dept. IC
Boesz, Christine - Nat'l Science Found
Brachfeld, Paul - NARA
Brower, Gregory - Gov't Printing Office
Brown, Aletha - EEOC
Buller, Kathy - SSA
Cantor, Howard - Envirn. Protection Agency
Clinefelter, Carl - Farm Credit Admin.
Cobb, Robert - NASA
Coleman, Elizabeth - Federal Reserve Board
Cunningham, H. Douglas - SSA
Damelin, Harold Tres
Dentel, Christopher - Products Safety Comm
DeSarno, William - Credit Union Admin.
Dettelbach, Brian - Dept. of Transportation
Devaney, Earl - Dept. of Interior
Dickman, Martin - RRB
Donohue, Kenneth M. - HUD
Eichler, Francine - Federal Labor Relations Board
Emmons, Bob - Pension Benefits Guaranty Corp.
Fine, Glenn - Dept of Justice
Fong, Phyllis - USDA
Frazier, Johnnie - Dept. of Commerce
Friedman, Gregory - Dept. of Energy
Gambatesa, Donald - Intl' Agency for Development
George, Russel - TIGTA
Giblin, Diane - SSA
Heald, Bonnie - TIGTA
Heddell, Gordon- Dept. of Labor
Helgerson, John - CIA
Higgins, John - Dept. of Educaton
Hoyt, William - Smithsonian Institution
Jennings, Clifford - ARC
Johnson, Clay - Office of Mgmt & Budget
Johnson, Denise - DHS
Kelley, Edward - FHFB

Attendees (Continued):

Kissko, James - SSA
Knode, Brian - SSA
Krongard, Howard- Dept. of State
Lasher, Jonathon - SSA
Lee, David C Nuclear Reg Comm
Levinson, Daniel -HHS
McFarland, Lynne - Election Commission
McFarland, Patrick - OPM
Meekins, Robert - SSA
Miller, Brian - GSA
Moore, Richard - TVA
Nilsson, Kent, Acting FCC
O'Carroll, Patrick - SSA
Opfer, George - Veterans Affairs
Palmer, Stephanie - SSA
Richardson, Marilyn - Dept. of Education
Ritt, Debra -Smithsonian Institution
Rohde, Richard - SSA
Rosser, Cecelia (replacing D. Williams) - USPS
Schaeffer, Steve - SSA
Shaw, Daniel - Endowment for Arts
Skinner, Richard - DHS
Snyder, Barry - Federal Reserve Board
Sribnick, Howard - FTC
Stachnik, Walter - SEC
Strote, Diane - IG Institute
Taylor, Diane - Dep.t of Education
Taylor, James - Homeland Security
Thorson, Eric - Small Bussiness Admin.
Trzeciak, Adam - Fed Maritime Comm
West, Richard - Legal Sevices
Young, Shelton - Dept of Defense
Zeller, Sally - SSA

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PCIE Planning Partner: Social Security Administration, Office of the Inspector General
ECIE Planning Partner: Smithsonian Institution, Office of the Inspector General
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